Karting For Fun and As A Sport

A kart is a small vehicle with four wheels whose top is exposed. The first kart was built in 1956 in Southern California by Art Ingels and it was in 1958, that Go Kart manufacturing company became the first company to manufacture karts. In an hour, the racing kart can cover more than 250 kilometers racing downwards either on paved or dirt tracks. Go karts are not made for racing so they are not as fast.

In the world of motor sport, karting otherwise known as kart racing is one of the most popular sport that is still gaining a lot of popularity especially in Europe. Some like it for the speed others for the adventure; but one thing if for sure, it is definitely a sport to easily fall in love with.

It gives one an opportunity to develop and sharpen your skills in thinking fast, accuracy in controlling a car and making your decisions fast. It also allows one to familiarize them with car racing at high speeds and knowing how to improve its performance.

The Minimum Age to Start Professional Karting

Anyone of any age can always try it; however, when it comes to racing, there are a bit of limitations. Any licensed individual from the age of 8 can participate in the motor sport. A racing license is provided by the relevant associations or clubs from the appropriate government body and sometimes, it will come with insurance.

Some clubs will accept racers depending on a height limit rather than an age limit. Some will also need particular height for kids with certain ages for them to race. Also, junior and senior races will not race together.

However, there are a number of tracks that allow children below the age of 8 to race. This is of course with the necessary precautionary measures such as safety speed control. Young children can also drive go carts with their families for fun on holidays or in amusement parks. There are race tracks that will allow for two seater race karts for adults and their children.

Other than becoming professional kart racers, allowing kids to participate in karting will also build their career in motor sport. Great karting tracks are available to the public like the karting centre found at www.raceviewkarting.co.uk/indoor-karting.

Safety should in addition always be considered when kart racing as it can be very risky. It is vital that kids are supervised by an adult at all times. The kart should also be customized, child friendly and comfortable.

The right racing gear includes a pair of boots that cover the ankles, a driving suit and a pair of gloves as well. Every driver also has to wear a helmet that is approved by snell and covers the entire face. A brace for the neck and a protector for the ribs are also important and those for those racing with super karts, overalls made from leather are a must.

The sport is under the regulation of a number of organizations depending on the country. Some of them include the International Automobile Federation (FIA), the World Karting Association, the International Kart Federation, The Australian Karting Federation, and the British Kart Industry Association. Owner driven karts in the United Kingdom are regulated by the Motor Sports Association. This association controls all categories of motor sport as well.

How to become a Professional Kart Racer at Any Age

For beginners who are a bit older, there is a lot of online information how to get started, to how to manoeuvre a kart while racing, overtaking, changing the tires and so much more. However, it is highly advisable to get professional help before getting into or letting your child participate in the sport. The good news is that, whatever age one is, one can go for karting classes.

Always confirm the classes being offered by kart clubs and whether they are recognized by the relevant authorities before enrolling for a class. With there being more than 20 classes available in the UK it is quite apparent that one has a variety to choose from.

Also, to become a professional kart racer, you will need to start locally; this includes participating in local competitions, and joining a karting club or association. You obviously need a kart but it does not mean you have to get a new one right away.

There are always a lot of used karts in good condition for sale and for renting to pick from. Finally, if you want to perfect your karting, whatever age you are, practice, practice and more practice is key.

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