Is It Fight Or Flight Against Cockroaches In The Home?

The sight of a cockroach can have you running away screaming in terror. It’s time to make the little nasties scream, for a change.

It is quite safe to assume that absolutely nobody in the world is fond of cockroaches. People may befriend snakes and even rats, but cockroaches are a different thing altogether – they are too creepy for words! Besides, the fact that they inhabit dark and warm spaces, and are completely at home in drain pipes and septic tanks makes them even more disgusting.

Not only is it a revolting creature, it is a strangely tenacious one too. Aim a slipper at it, and it won’t get squashed immediately. You plug the hole in the wall where you saw it emerge from, and it simply finds a new home. And there’s no point chasing a cockroach with a rolled up newspaper – it just quickly disappears into the smallest crevice in the wall plaster, not to be seen for a while!

So it seems like you are doomed to have a never-ending battle against cockroaches – and the nasties are winning. Cockroaches are resilient to changes in temperature, or even to a shortage of food and drink. They can survive for days without food, and their tough exoskeleton and flat structure makes them resilient to death by light pressure. Besides, they contaminate the surfaces and foodstuffs they come in contact with – food contaminated by cockroaches can make you really sick indeed!

Is It Fight Or Flight Against Cockroaches In The Home

Instead, just reach for a can of Mortein cockroach killer aerosol and spray the cockroaches you see. Nothing else will ever work on these stubborn pests, but Mortein cockroach killer makes short work of them.

How Mortein works

Cockroaches have an oily film protecting their bodies. This oily film helps it resist water and most chemicals. The Mortein cockroach killer spray works by attacking this oily film on the creature’s body. Within seconds, the spray enters the cockroach’s system and begins to immobilise it. From here on, it is a matter of a few minutes before the cockroach is completely dead.

The Mortein cockroach killer system is a fast-acting formulation that flushes out cockroaches even from their hiding places inside cracks or holes in the plaster, the warm and humid space under the kitchen sink, the trap in the bathroom floor, etc.

Just keep the can of cockroach killing spray handy and zap both crawling and flying cockroaches on sight. Next, examine the areas of infestation and spray them liberally before going to bed every night (this is when cockroaches are most active) so that they may perish on the spot. A few days of this treatment will remove the cockroaches from your home.

The best way to prevent a cockroach infestation in the first place, is to seal all cavities in the floors and walls, and to never leave any food uncovered for the creatures to feast on.

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