Is Area 51 Just Another Secret Mission Region?

Gradually, the evolution of Atlantis began to decline, as they illegally used the magical powers. As a result of the war and the conflicts between them. The death of the continent, apparently the result of some magic to counter other groups.

The famous occultist Charles Lead beater also claims that in Tibet there is a museum, where samples of the cultures of all civilizations ever existed on Earth are stored, including four maps showing the history of the destruction of Atlantis …

However, adherents of the occult sciences tend to base their assertions on the information obtained through meditation or other means of entering into an altered state of consciousness that allows you to “get in touch” with supernatural forces. Orthodox science, alas, does not recognize such evidence.

In late August, the UK Ministry of Defense declassified another batch of materials on UFO invasion. This is quite dangerous official documents, which recorded the complaints of citizens to the competent authorities on the observations of unidentified, not only flying, but also “walking” objects. All this information is publicly available and posted on the website of the British War Office archives.

It seems the newcomers seriously “heap” in the earthly record keeping and paperwork, which is conducted by him with admirable diligence and pedantry. Judging from the scanned copies, it has developed a special form, which is filled with the words of an observer or official contacted or profile filled by the message, for example, from the airport or airbase. The form contains 16 paragraphs, briefly describing the event of alien invasion, and is, apparently, as the title document, which can be expanded letters, appeals, updates, pictures, photographs, and resolutions.

Although, as for photographic and video evidence, they are negligible and their quality leaves much to be desired.

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