Investing In MultiShip: Yandex Sets The Tone For Superlative E-Commerce In Russia

Propounding a fruitful match on the Russian e-commerce service spectrum, Yandex announced earlier this week to ink the deal with MultiShip. The latter is a start-up, which is based in Moscow. It aggregates or tallies offers from numerous shipment companies to assist online retailers maximize their respective deliveries across several regions in the country. Apart from acquiring or holding a stake in the concerned startup fold for countless people, the NASDAQ accredited Russian search behemoth has bought MultiShip’s own software platform for $1 million, whose developers have joined the Yandex’s development team.

The move holds no surprise for observers or analysts of the Russian e-commerce panorama. The price comparison avenue is pivotal in this regard. The concerned market lures an estimated quantum of half or more than all online shoppers in the country. This caters to people who initiate their quest for a product. The firm announced fresh measures to transform and mold its market into a powerful, cohesive and full-fledged marketplace. This constitutes price comparison alongside delivery options. Industry reports suggest that the company is progressively switching or shifting to CPO-centric remuneration model. It includes the introduction of payment functions. The firm also aims to assist users in choosing proper, adequate and timely delivery options. The East-West Digital News vindicates this report.

Company insiders said they will elucidate accurate details about the delivery period and final cost for orders. This is seldom provided by the business proprietors. In order to effectuate this, the company is seeking some information pertaining to its integration with delivery agencies. Head of marketing, Yandex Market, Alexander Feoktistov, said that they are thinking to permit e-shoppers the option of choosing the preferred, relevant shipment for their order. In view of the above statement, MultiShip seems to be the ideal match.

After its 2013 inception, the startup fold has encompassed the aggregation of pick-up point and shipment services within the regions entailing its primary offer. It has inked subcontracting deals with as many as 15 operators so as to provide online retailers with viable alternatives or feasible options to the Russian post. Courier companies like Boxberry, CDEK, and courier service express, Pony Express and Maxima Express comprise the associate fold of Multiship. The latter has also fostered solutions to effectively parameterize its delivery inferences. They can thus showcase them in a customized manner on a proprietor’s website, thereby automating cash flows and processes with delivery providers.


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