Ideas To Help You Quit Smoking Once And For All

If you are one of the many people around the world who have pledged to quit smoking as their made their New Year’s resolution, and have been sticking to the plan, by now you probably have noticed how often you actually think about smoking and about picking up a ciggy and lighting it.

Since nicotine causes actual addiction, the craving during withdrawal could become quite drastic, which is the main reason why so many people start smoking again.

But if you are one of the determined types who really wants to quit, then there are several handy tips which could help you keep active and keep your mind off the harmful habit.

First of all, remember that the first few minutes of craving are the worst, so if you get passed them, the rest is easy. The actual craving for a cigarette usually passes after 20 minutes, so this is the time to stay busy and occupied in order to take your mind off smoking.

 Ideas To Help You Quit Smoking Once And For All

A nice way to say farewell to cigarettes is to start getting rid of that horrid smell from your curtains, furniture and carpets. Of course, you can spend some time and effort to wash everything, but there is a much easier and more efficient way to clean and deodorise your home. All you need to do is call a professional upholstery cleaner in Stockport as well as a carpet cleaning company. They will help deep clean your house or flat, and after they are done you will be amazed by the results. Plus, the clear air at home will keep you motivated to stay away from your bad habit.

A good tip while quitting smoking is to stay active, so if you are into exercising and jogging go ahead and renew your gym subscription or call your jogging mates. You will be pleased with the gradual improvement in your performance and will feel the joy of easier breathing just after a few training sessions.

Also, try drinking more water and take warm relaxing showers or baths when the nicotine cravings become really bad.

When you feel like lighting a fag you may feel an increase of anxiety which is a symptom of nicotine withdrawal, try concentrating on your breathing for a moment. Taking 10 deep breaths and this will momentarily help your body relax.

Plus, keep in mind that some of your activities could be subconsciously associated with smoking, so if you were used to smoking when drinking coffee or having a pint at the pub, try refraining from these triggers and stick to tea and soft drinks or water for a while.

In the end, the best news is, that gradually the cravings will become rarer and much easier to override, so stick to your plan and soon you will be a happier and healthier non-smoker.

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