Ideas For Designing An Effective Exhibition Stand

When you are at a trade show, a convention or an event and promoting your company, you want an exhibition stand that is going to stand out. An eye-catching stand is going to attract attention and draw visitors to it, which is important for promoting your business and/or new products. Here are a few ideas for designing a stand that is going to draw traffic to it.

Set Exhibit Goals

As with any other promotion strategy, you need to set goals for your exhibition stand. You can do this by establishing reasons for participating in a trade show or convention and the message you want your stand to communicate about your business. Your stand should reflect your company’s values, its image and brand. For instance, if you have a high-tech firm, your stand should convey that message to those who see it.

Targeting Your Audience

When you have exhibition designers work on your stand, you should try to focus its concept on your target audience’s wants and needs. You want to attract buyers to your stand and not just people who are there out of curiosity because you have a great stand design. The best exhibition stand in the world will be of no use to you if it isn’t attracting people who will buy your products or services.

Ideas For Designing An Effective Exhibition Stand

Maximize the Space

Take full advantage of all of the space you’re allotted for your exhibit. Before finalizing the design, contact the organizers of the event to confirm the dimensions of the space. Some shows allow the exhibit to be as tall as 6 metres and you should try to take advantage of that allowance. With the advantage of height, your exhibit can be seen across the hall. Show off your logo and signage by displaying it on a high arch, tower or another tall feature on your stand.

Less Is More

Limit the amount of text that you have on your exhibit and, when it is used, be as concise as possible. Use action verbs to help get your point across in as few words as possible, and make sure the designer uses fonts that are large and easily read from a distance. To keep banners or people from blocking your text, place it at the top of your exhibit so it can be easily seen.

Exhibit Lighting

The lighting for your exhibit should help increase traffic to your stand and help you display your message. It should help visitors clearly read the text and view the products you have on display. Cast lighting on products to help highlight them and use it to set a tone for your exhibit.

These design elements will help create an attractive exhibit that will draw people to it. Be creative with the lighting, the text, and graphics, and take full advantage of the entire space you are allowed on the trade show floor. By being careful with these elements and making sure they convey your brand’s message, you will be able to draw paying customers to your booth rather than just the curious.

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