How’s Your Vision Impacted By Common Cold?

Common colds can happen for many different reasons and even during summer season having certain impact on the vision. To prepare yourself against these colds, here’re some of the most usual cold and flu-associated eye conditions alongside preventive measures for speedy recovery. While your nose would be runny, no harm would come to the eyes so read on.

How’s Your Vision Impacted By Common Cold

Pink Eye & Discharge

Conjunctivitis or pink eye is one of the most noticeable and common eye conditions associated to flu and cold. Though harmless, the condition is irritating and strikes anytime without warning. Pink eye is also caused by various other bacterial and viral infections when the eyes are exposed to these.

When having a cold, chance of having pink eyes is mostly due to the viral strain. A contagious form of conjunctivitis can spread across both the eyes within 24 hours after which the symptoms may persist however, the element of contagiousness subsides.

Although conjunctivitis usually happens in one eye, the bacterium is transferred to the other if you happen to touch it with the infected/contagious hand unintentionally. Always wash your hands when having pink eye, even if you haven’t touched it.

Symptoms can be relieved by keeping cold and damp compresses on both the eyes and be sure not to rub it else the redness and itch is likely to worsen. Besides pink eye, one may also experience excess mucus discharge overnight that dries and creates a crusty layer on the eye.

Gently wipe away the crust with lukewarm water and open the eye normally. In case the anomaly happens to last more than a week, book an appointment with your ophthalmologist immediately.

Swollen Eyelids

Swelling of the eyelid is also common during conjunctivitis however; it can happen against that particular anomaly as well. That being said, swelling can affect either both or just the infected pink eye, spreads overnight and making it difficult for you to open the eyes in the morning.

While the swelling reduces throughout the day, apply cold compresses if it doesn’t. You can go for chamomile tea cold compresses that help reduce the swelling and assist in smooth flow of the blood around the eye.

During the onset, the vision can be compromised and blinking the eye becomes painful. That being said, even the smallest and simplest eye anomaly require professional ophthalmologist’s consultancy just in case it can lead to underlying and more serious health disease.

Itch & Burn

With burning and itchy eyes, conjunctivitis (pink eye) isn’t necessary as the entire human body is compromised when having a cold. It can be caused by dry eyes whereas cold can trigger some of the most extreme autoimmune functions like excess mucus discharge.

When the eyes itch and burn, resist the temptation to rub and scratch else it’ll only make things worse. Take omega-3 rich foods for quicker relief and take non-medicated eye drops.

Light Sensitivity

Blocked sinuses, runny nose, headache and constant pressure on the head are a few common symptoms. Light eventually starts to sting in the eye including the blue light emitted from digital devices. Take a day or two off from work if possible, rest as much as possible and bring home tinted eyeglasses.

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