How To Style A Student Dorm On A Budget

Winter has been a rough one this year and, we are all looking forward to the spring. The seasons are changing and a spring clean is needed. With this, it can be tempting to give your place a slight upgrade and a freshen up. Whether you are in student accommodation or sharing a place with your friends, there’s something satisfying about making a space your own. Whilst the magazines you look through for inspiration may be expensive, there is always cheaper alternatives that can still give the same effect. In this article, we will go through some simple tips on how to style your student dorm on a budget.

Get Some Fresh Bedding

One thing you might like to update is your bedding, this alone can bring new life into your room. This doesn’t have to be expensive bedding, but something that suits your style will do nicely. You can now pick up some cheap bedding sets that give the same effect. Having some fresh bedding is one of the easiest ways to bring some colour to your otherwise beige room and make it your own. 

Change The Lighting

The lighting in your room is another way that you can add a personal touch and create some ambience. If you have spotlights and they are too bright, resort to a table lamp where you can match the style or colour with your bedding. We want everything to feel connected in some way to create a calming room.

If you have a normal hanging light, then you could always look at getting a new shade for it, there are lots of shapes, patterns and materials that are available to make it personal to you. Fairy lights are another fantastic way to set the mood in the room. If you are just wanting something to give the room a warm glow, these are perfect. Sometimes it can be difficult to decorate a student room with landlord restrictions, especially with putting things on the walls. You can now purchase stick-on clips that can easily be removed and won’t damage your walls, ensuring your deposit is safe.

Hang Some Pictures or Photos

Feeling a little homesick? Why not have some pictures from home displayed around your room. It’s a good way to really make the space yours with some photos of your family and friends. There are lots of opportunities to be creative with how you display these. You could attach string to them and tape them onto the wall, hang them from the ceiling or simply have them framed, the choice is yours. There are a lot of places where you can print your photos cheaply, some even offer the first batch for free. 

Add Some Colour With A Wall Tapestry

A wall tapestry is a nice way to add some cour and pattern to your room. There are lots of different colours and patterns to choose from and are pretty cheap to buy. Again, with all hanging styles, you can use stick-on clips. You will be surprised by the weight they can hold. 

Stand A Mirror

If you haven’t already done this, then your life is about to get a lot easier in the mornings. If you are wanting to look great, a hanging mirror is not going to be much help when you want to see your outfit. This is a lifesaver, you can buy some pretty inexpensive standing mirrors. 

There are some added bonuses with a standing mirror. Firstly, having this directly opposite a window can make your room lighter and brighter. This is perfect if your room is too dark. Another benefit is that standing this on the opposite side of a wall will make your room look larger. A standing mirror really is a great addition to your student room.

Add Life With Some Plants

Plants can help you sleep, concentrate as well as help you unwind. Why not invest in some houseplants to add some green to the room. If you are a busy bee and aren’t great at remembering to water your new additions, opt for spider plants, aloe vera, or cacti as these are nice and easy to look after. 

There are so many innovative ways to give your room a bit of a spruce up. If you are worried about styling your room, there is no harm in speaking to your landlord before you commit. For most of these tips, you won’t need to ask as these are easy to do and won’t harm your deposit. 

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