How To Send Your First Parcel Online?

Are you a busy man? If yes, then we must say you don’t have enough time to spend for your extra work. But at any cost you have to do your extra work within same time duration. So, let’s take an example. Suppose you have to send a parcel to your friend either in local area or to international destination. For that you have go to courier center then you have to mention all details. After that they will ask many questions and other things to fill the formalities. Its very time taking and you will waste you valuable time in this. So, for this, you need to know how to send parcel online. So that by sitting in home you can solve the problem and without irritation you can easily send your parcel to the targeted destination.  Below you will find some important point to make the parcel sending process easy.

How To Send Your First Parcel Online?

1. Select the best service by visiting your favorite courier website like and check the range of delivery speeds, ranks of tracking, inclusive payment and guarantees.

2. You should pack or choose the parcel having perfect in shape/size/weight as the courier point can easily accept your parcel. To know the perfection of your parcel volume, you should read prohibitions and restrictions guidelines from the website.

3. Then you have to verify the facility specification for the address of the recipient. You must and should add the time for the location according to the country. Because different countries have different customs clearance for which size and weight limits vary.

4. After knowing the above things there is another important thing to know is the packing guidelines means how to pack the parcel properly. Because if you have not packed the packet properly and it causes the parcel/valuables damage then the courier point will not take the damage claims. So be careful during packing the parcel.

5. Don’t forget to write your details which involves

  • Sender’s name,
  • Address,
  • Postcode and phone number of the reverse of the parcel and
  • The recipient’s name,
  • Address and
  • Phone number on the largest side with your bar-coded service labels.

6. Properly complete all the documentation for relevant destination, track your parcel’s journey on your favourite website.

Now are you Ready to Send?

  • First start your pc and check the internet you are using is supported by your website you are using.

Choose your own labels by considering the parcel is for local or international courier for example,  parcel delivery to Spain then take a printout of A4 size paper.

  • Put the collection and delivery address and other delivery details.
  • Select the date you need your item collected.
  • Do payment by debit or credit card.

Print labels/receipt and wait up to the driver to arrival.

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