How to Sell More Every Month with Sales Automation Software?

Are your sales number not growing? Don’t worry as most businesses have been haunted by this questions at one point in their journey.  With technological advancement, you can automate almost everything from your sales process and focus on growing sales or core selling. It is observed that most of sales team time is consumed by manual and repetitive activity which hampers sales quota.

Using a sales automation software you can automate below-mentioned activities and can sell more every month.

1] Automate sales team reporting:-

If you observe the sales team of any business, I am sure you will find most of these teams reporting to their managers. Daily reporting is one activity that the sales team consumes 50% of their productive time.  Sales automation can automate this and literally make it a task that can be done in a few minutes. Use automated email set up using the sales automation software and managers can also set up dashboards that save time and can easily track team performance and overall sales process.

2] Skip data entry completely:-

Try to just get rid of data entry. This is another activity where the sales team member spends most of the time. This is highly impossible if you are using excel or basic CRM. Use sales automation CRM and integrate your website, social media, email inquiries with the CRM and you can set your sales team free from data entry.

3] Automate Lead distribution:-

Sales managers are highly occupied with equally distributing leads among team members. This can be automated as well just the way we automated contact/lead creation in the CRM.

By simply setting a few rules in clicks, you are set to automate the lead creation and distribution activity and let sales managers focus more on growing sales and team performance.

4] Automate communication Sync:-

Updating the CRM with what was the last communication with prospects or customers is a tedious task. Summarising what happened and then adding it is time-consuming but this activity just cannot be skipped. And if in a particular day the volume of meeting or calls is high, it simply is a hectic day.

A sales automation CRM will allow you to add your email account in the software and allow you to sync all your emails communication. All your email can be synced with the lead. Half the task is done and you no longer need to add any communication manually.

Similarly, some sales automation tools also allow you to record the call communication that your have with leads and skip the task of manually adding any conversation.

5] Automate task management:-

Sales team rely a lot on task management as it is not possible to remember when to get back to a customer/ prospect. To create a task for each and every prospect can also be highly time-consuming activity.

An automated task can be created right when a lead is created in the CRM, or you can also set custom rules and create a task automatically.

Key takeaways:-

1] Saving hours of manual activity of your sales team productive time can literally help them focus on core selling and closing more number of deals.

2] Use technology like a sales automation software which can help you automate your complete sales process in just a few clicks.


Abhishek Agrawal is the Founder & CEO at CompanyHub CRM. A technology lover and a writer who loves to give simple solutions on making sales teams lives easier. You can get in touch with him on Linkedin

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