Bali Diversity

If you are planning to visit Indonesia and enjoy some of the most exciting destinations it has to offer, then Bali is one place whose experience you would not wish to miss out on. Bali is an established holiday destination endowed with great geographically diverse sceneries and numerous resorts to stay at as you explore the expansive province. There are plenty of classy restaurants and activities in Bali that are family-friendly. Some of major activities on the Island include elephant safari, whitewater surfing, hiking and expeditions, swimming and basking in the sunny beaches, cooking lessons on how to prepare some of the local cuisines, and diving and snorkeling. Bali is massive with each area having different attractions to offer.

Amed Dive Sites

Amed is one of Bali’s great diving destinations. The area offers something for everyone. It is among the few places region where you get easy access to dive sites including stunning reefs, shipwreck, muck diving, macro diving, and big fish diving. The sunrises and sunsets over the water are also exquisite, and the most beautiful things you’ll ever see. In Amed you stand a chance to dive the popular USAT Liberty shipwreck that is not far from Tulamben. The wreck is encrusted in coral, and has a rich macro life. The dives can start from 5 meters to just above 30 meters. There are also other smaller wrecks within the area that almost any diver can explore.


If comfort, nature, culture, and inspiration are your thing, then Ubud is the place you need to visit. Ubud is a village full of life located at Bali south central’s cool mountains. It has little of everything that would attract anyone to Bali including arts and craft communities, plunging valleys, and scenic rice fields. There is the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary that constitutes an important cultural site on the island and is home to numerous long-tailed macaques. The monkey forest is a mere 10 minutes’ walk from Ubud’s town center. For an animal lover, as well as photographers, this is a must-see tourist attraction. Generally, the Ubud village will offer you a nice and relaxed experience that is a huge contrast to the hassles of the city life.

Uluwatu Temple

Located near one of Bali’s best spots for surfing, and overlooking plunging sea cliffs is the Uluwatu temple. The temple is among the island’s most popular temples due to its scenic setting atop a cliff. “Ulu” in Balinese implies “tip” while “Watu” means rock, which constitute an appropriate name for the temple given its location on the Bukit Peninsula along the Western tip of the Island. The best time to visit the temple is at sunset, as the sea and sky glow in the light in the late afternoon. According to findings by archaeologists, the temple dates back to the 10th century. There is a popular belief that the temple protects Bali province from evil spirits residing in the sea.

There are so many more attractive sites in Bali that may leave you spoilt for choice and unable to decide on the ones to visit as well as the places to stay. Incorporating the services of recognized, tried, tested, and proven holiday makers such as The Seven Holiday can help you in getting the most appropriate holiday package that will cover all your holiday needs including accommodation and tours to various attractions in Bali.

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