How To Go About Basement Finishing In The Proper Way

Renovating a basement is a good idea to increase the living space and to increase the value of one’s property.

While renovating the basement, keep in mind a few things:

First of all, make a detailed plan for the renovation of the basement. It should have the scheduled changes, the estimated cost, the budget allocation for each aspect and the estimated timeline of the project. This provides you and the renovation contractor the clarity needed to plan and start the project. This plan is dynamic and will be constantly updated as the renovation works progresses.

Before embarking on the renovation project, you should have a very clear image of your finished basement in your mind. You can think about turning your basement into a TV room, an exercise room or an additional bedroom. Some people convert their basements into their offices as it gives them the peace and quiet to work uninterrupted away from the din of the house.

How To Go About Basement Finishing In The Proper Way

If you are going to hire a renovation contractor, do proper research. You can consult the internet where many contractors have advertised their services along with their terms and conditions. You can compare the services offered by different contractors and decide on the one that suits your requirements and your budget. You can easily find a good contractor in the vicinity. Get quotes from at least three contractors and then make your decision. You should clearly record all the changes which you expect the contractor to make and get it approved from him. Any area in the vicinity of the basement which the contractor will not be redoing should also be documented.

There are some structural changes for which you need to get permission from the local authority. These include change in the size of door or windows or the addition to the living space by building an extra room. You also need to confirm from the local building authorities the legal height of the ceiling of the basement.

If you are planning to cover your walls with wallpaper or the floor with carpets, it is advisable to check for dampness. It may be due to drainage problems or cracks. This should be taken care of on priority basis as dampness and mold can spoil a perfectly good basement. The basement may need extra ventilation or heating arrangements or you may need to install a dehumidifier. The electrical connections will have to be checked and updated.  You can have additional storage options in the basement by making closets, shelves, etc. You should pay special attention to the arrangement of windows while finishing your basement. They are important for light, ventilation and as a route for escape. Smoke detectors should also be installed close to any potentially flammable appliance in the basement like the furnace. Easily accessible escape routes should be made in the basement. If you install a home entertainment system with extra powerful speakers in the basement or if you are planning to use it as a practice room for music, you need to install good quality soundproofing equipment.

If your planning is thorough, you can do Basement Finishing easily and the results will also be satisfactory.

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