How to Form A Healthy Eating Habit?

It is quite difficult to break our bad habit. Health is our major asset and we could stay healthy only by having good habits. Fortunately, with enough persistence, it is actually quite easy to establish a new habit. In fact, once we have a solid, good habit, it would be fairly difficult to break too. When we want to create a good habit, we should consider a couple of factors, time and repetition. Making serious lifestyle changes can be quite difficult for a number of reasons. However, it could be triggered by significant effects. As an example, when we attend our 25th high school reunion, it could be quite surprising that some our friends have died or debilitated by cardiovascular diseases, cancer or diabetes.

How to Form A Healthy Eating Habit

This could give us an impetus to do something about our current habit. This will be a good opportunity to create a good habit, because the initial bursts of motivation may eventually fade. If we are not committed to create a new habit, we will return to eating fat-laden fast food and we will barely exercise each week. Without a real commitment to have a new habit, it would be very difficult for us to keep going. There are small changes that we can do to start forming good habit, such as carefully chewing food and replace a bag of potato chip with some favourite fruits. In any case, we should choose a diet that’s healthier that what we have right now. It could be quite overwhelming to make significant changes, but with gradual changes, we should be able to slowly progress forward.

When we want to have a new good habit and improve our health, it is important for us to have an effective plan. It is better to make a few changes that stick, then making too many changes that we find unbearable. At first, we could go into our fridge and throw any unhealthy and pre-packaged foods. Many people find healthy food like bean curd and tofu bland and boring, so it is important for them to make a list of healthy foods that they like most. If we can’t stand drinking a thick juice made from various veggies and fruits, we could try simple one, like cold, fresh lime water or strained pineapple juice. It is better to start simple, than doing something unbearable. After we have successful in cleaning up our fridge off unhealthy food, we could proceed by checking other food storages. It is better to complete this task in a couple of months, than doing it too quickly and we don’t have time to adjust. If we fail to adapt, it is very likely that we will crave for unhealthy food.

If we love popcorn, we could try boiling sweet corn and peel it. While watching TV, we could eat peeled sweet corn, preferably without any seasoning, such as salt or sugar. This is a better solution than consuming oil-laden popcorn. If we love ice cream, we could purchase an ice cream maker and look for recipes to create tasty ice creams based on fresh, fruit juice.

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