How To Fight Spring Fatigue

The winter will soon be come to its end and the spring will take its place. Is there a way to deal with the nasty Spring fatigue? Yes, there is a very effective one which will be good for your home too. Learn what it is in this article.

Spring is wonderful – everything is getting green and unless you’re uninfluenced by the spring fatigue there are plenty of things you can do. Of course you’ll have only two days because you have to go to work, but if you know how to manage the spare time you can do everything you want. If you’re a sports person swimming or hiking is for you.

But there are, of course, those people who prefer to stay at home and watch television all day or sit in front of the computer. Unfortunately, this will lead to the spring fatigue, therefore if you want to avoid that and still stay at home I have some tips for you. The trick is to activate yourself, why not clean the house? I’ll give you a quick guide about how to preform a spring cleaning fast and easy. Although you keep your home clean and tidy you’ll have to do better.


We’ll start with something easy – the bedroom, which will include cleaning the drapery, tidying the closet, the area carpet (if you have one) etc. Depending on the material the curtains can be two types washable and dry cleanable. Most of the times there is a label that says which is the type, but if you’re not sure it is better to consult with a professional cleaning company. If the fabric allows it you can put them in the washing machine, but remember to set it on delicate cycle and low temperature.

How To Fight Spring Fatigue

As for the closet, it is time to switch outfits, make room for the summer clothes and donate those you don’t wear anymore. For the mattress, you’ll need professional help, because the commercial steam cleaners can’t thoroughly clean and kill all the bacteria living there. Moving on the the most time-consuming task of all – the carpet. Most homeowners prefer a more luxurious carpet for their bedrooms, but it comes with a cost.

If you own an authentic handmade Persian or Oriental carpet there is a possibility that you won’t be able to handle it by yourself. This type of textile flooring is delicate and in most cases sensitive to moisture. There are of course dry cleaning methods, but should be performed by professionals, because there are some risks. I’ll tell you a few words about them and you’ll decide if you’re up to the task. The first one is bonnet, where a rotary brush agitates a special cleaning solution.

The disadvantages of this method are it is a little harsh and could damage delicate carpets. Moreover it can’t penetrate deep into the fibers, therefore the cleaning is not thorough enough. The next one is foam cleaning which involves little moisture and you’ll need special cleaning equipment. The disadvantage is you’ll have to wait a few hours before the carpet is completely dry, but it is more thorough than bonnet cleaning. There is also a risk of dirt attracting sticky residue, if you’re not careful.

Next is absorbent powder which is perfect for novice homeowners which want to clean their houses by themselves. The compound is biodegradable and requires only a brush, after you’ve sprinkled the area agitate the solution with the brush and vacuum thoroughly. Again we’re talking about not deep cleaning, but it is perfect to maintain the looks of your carpet. The advantages – there is no drying time and no risk of residues.

The last method is encapsulation, which is effective against minor stains and involves no liquid. Again you’ll be needing special cleaning tool, which connects with the dirt. The chemicals turn it into crystals and can be vacuumed easily. Nevertheless nothing can compare to steam cleaning or hot water extraction. There is a difference between the two, for the first one there are portable steam cleaners which you can use in the kitchen and bathroom.

The equipment for the second method is truck mounted, and you’ll need a professional to perform the cleaning procedure, because there is a risk of over wetting or shampooing the carpet. And here we are finished with the bedroom, next on the list is the bathroom. Although you do your best to keep it as clean as possible there are some things you might forget.


The limestone, for example, is the most common problem in the bathroom. In order to remove it, you’ll need baking soda and vinegar all you have to do is sprinkle the affected area with baking soda and then add vinegar. The reaction will cause the build up limestone to fall down, another thing you can use is coca cola, you have no idea how it works on rust and limescale. And here is a trick you can use in order to forget about the steamy mirrors. Apply little shaving cream and wipe it with dry paper towel, that way you’ll put an end to the foggy mirror.

As we proceed to the kitchen, here are some more tips about how to clean the microwave for example. Pour some water in a big bowl and add a sliced lemon, turn the microwave to ten minutes and then you’ll be able to remove the nasty food residues. The same applies to the oven, but make sure you use a bigger bowl. Looks like a lot of work doesn’t it? Don’t worry because if you can’t handle with it there are plenty of cleaning companies offering great deals for  spring cleaning.

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