How To Ensure Your Child’s Good Health In Day Boarding

It’s needless to say that your child is the most important person in your life and keeping them healthy is constantly your priority. To ensure the best health for your child, make your child stay physically active and spend time outdoors. We all are aware how difficult it is to get the kids into a healthy routine for the commencement of school. The initial days of school can be a real shock for your kids as they will take time to get used to the new routine. So, how do you make sure they have got all the things they require to function properly at school? Here are some ideas that can work wonders:

How To Ensure Your Child's Good Health In Day Boarding

Encourage a Healthy Diet

Make sure to buy a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables for your household. Provide healthy snacks, such as hummus, fruits and carrot sticks, all through the day. A balanced diet will guarantee proper growth and development of your child. Eating properly also helps kids stay focused and become better learners.

Cleanliness is crucial for staying healthy – make sure you clean your hands before you start preparing meals. Keep your kitchen surfaces clean and disinfected as well. If your child is a fussy eater, try to make food more interesting by making healthy personal pizzas/burgers with their favourite ingredients. If your kid refuses to eat certain vegetable, try different recipes using that veggie.

Provide Clean Drinking Water

As a thumb rule, to get sufficient water, your child should drink at least 6 to 8 cups of water a day excluding milk, juice, or other liquids. Encourage your child to drink ample of water throughout the day as poor hydration adversely affects a child’s mental performance and learning ability. Water bottles are a vital product for on-the-go daily essential hydration for kids that go to school. Providing water bottle to your kids will encourage them to drink more water than they might usually drink as they can carry it in a backpack, or on the field. Research shows that hydrating often during the day helps kids stay focused and become better learners.

Keep Junk Foods to Minimum

Increased consumption of junk foods can cause many adverse effects on your child’s health. Kids get more interested towards junk foods as they are attractive and have a fun element attached to them. Kids often replicate adult behaviour, so if you indulge in unhealthy foods and they are available in your household, your child may start eating it too. Refrain from purchasing heavily processed foods for your household to avoid such situation.

Develop a Healthy Sleeping Schedule

Depending on age, it is recommended that your child to get approximately 10 hours of sound sleep every night. Establish a sleeping schedule for your child and stick to this routine consistently. The health benefits of a sound sleep are immense, it allows your body to recover quickly from illness or fight off potential infections. Good night’s sleep can create a healthier mindset and encourage more efficient learning.

With routines that include watching TV too close to bedtime, it is even more difficult for kids to achieve a sound sleep. Avoid keeping TV and computers in the bedroom. Create a regular “sleep friendly” environment for your child’s bedroom.

Get your Child Fully Vaccinated

You want to do what is best for your kids and one of the best ways to protect your kids is to ensure they have all of their vaccinations. Immunizations can save your child’s life by protecting them from potentially fatal diseases; it is extremely safe and effective.  While vaccines may cause some discomfort, pain, redness at the site of injection but this is negligible as compared to the pain and discomfort of the diseases these vaccines prevent. Make sure that your kid is up-to-date on vaccines before sending them to school. Ensuring that your kid receives all their vaccinations on time is the best favour you can do as a parent, it will assure your kid’s long-term good health—as well as the health of their friends and classmates.

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