How High School Students Can Have Proper Study Habit?

High schools can be more challenging these days, especially because students need to study on their own. Things can be more complicated for students who need to complete an important test. Not all high school students have proper study skills and they may not be able to use time efficiently. Proper learning habit should be encouraged before teenagers start high school. There could be separate classes that can help teenagers to study and this could done them a world of good. Parents should always ask teenagers about the next test. Science, literature and history are concept-oriented courses. Students won’t succeed if they fail to understand definition and basic concepts.

Parents could ask teens for correct definitions of something that they are learning. If teenagers are struggling, it means that they have basic problems that need to be solved immediately.  This could be solved by asking teenagers to write down concepts and definitions repeatedly. Concepts and definitions could also be written down on flash cards. Parents should make sure that children know about all basic concepts. This should be relatively easy to do, even if parents are not able to delve deeper into the course. Children should be asked to go through all chapters and each detail should be approached from different perspectives or point of views, to make sure that teenagers can fully understand them.

 For math and natural sciences, such as physics, biology and chemistry, parents should make sure that teenagers should have proper logic. If teenagers have correct logic pathways in solving problems, they will have higher performance. Most of the time, there are only one exact answer for each problem and teenagers should know to achieve this. Obviously, teenagers will need to practice and solve similar problems that have different variables. Because lessons can be quite complicated and challenging, it is not a good idea for them to prepare for months before an exam. Instead of spending a couple of nights for intense studying sessions, it would be better to spend one hour each day, since they start high school.

Since the start of high school, parents should make sure that children have excellent study habits. The amount of TV exposure should limited whenever they can. Teenagers should know that study must come first. Doing homework isn’t enough and teenagers should make sure that they learn a lot of things about specific lessons. Homework may cover only a portion of the lesson and teenagers need to make sure that understand all details. Sports and extra-curricular activities could be a distraction if teenagers are not able to manage their time properly. At specific times in high school, students should study for at least 24 hours a week, as an example, when they are preparing to apply to college. This study skill can be enhanced later during student’s time in the college. Many college students are wishing that they already have good study habit since high school. In fact, some students could flunk out from college, because they don’t proper study habits.

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