How To Choose The Best Hard Wood Flooring To Your Apartment

Have you lately decided to go with hard wood flooring this summer ? The trouble with hard wood flooring is it gets deteriorate soon and more over the maintenance is tricky. That’s where while choosing the hard wood flooring you should have experience of followed sooner if there best below practice. Your utmost challenge is to safeguard from the onslaught  by kids and pets. While selecting the wood identify which rooms get maximum traffic is it people spend more time in living room or in their bedroom. If you have too many guests in your house then go for durable furnished floors.  The more tear and wear gets your floor the more times you need to get the floor re furnished therefore pick the durable hard woods. If you are thinking for waxing you have both merits and demerits. The best part is wax gel well with the wood, and it is easy to apply. The demerit is comparing to the poly finishing it is not durable. The  stains won’t go as easily as other finishing products.

The answer for all this is to have timber floor. Timber floor are softer in nature. Though your kids and pets scratch the floor still it can be refurbished. If you are thinking to use carpet then think again because it is easy to get stains. Ofcourse the carpet is cheaper than anu other hard wood but kids won’t get any allergies from the hard wood. But chances are higher from the carpets. Having said these you can use carpets in bedrooms. Coffee and food won’t spill in bedroom as it’s not a kitchen.

How To Choose The Best Hard Wood Flooring To Your Apartment

Nowadays people want to go back Victorian age of flooring. The funky carpets. Yes this is for those who are more concerned on the look and the feel of the rooms.

The best off all us to have concrete flooring. Yes having concrete floor you get more choices you can use carpet, if you get bored you can put tile over it, if it got teared you can use timber over it.

You can also try floorboards, that what we did in our housing apartments in thanisandra. These floorboards can be polished and even can be stain, a reto fashion kind of interior design where these floorboards can sustain for long time. You can also paint or stain in any colour of your choice. These floorboards can be cleaned and even can be stain, a reto style sort of inside outline where these floorboards can manage for long time. You can likewise paint or stain in any shade of your decision.The experts says these can re finished and sanded back to two to five times. Use  20 mm thick timber floor and you can do sanding some five times and quality will be the same. Where as the tiles and carpet you will have limitations you cannot refinish too many times and more importantly you won’t get the fresh look. In order to get fresh look you should buy new tiles or should purchase new carpet.

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