7 Ways The Sun Can Save You Energy

The sun is a powerful tool that can not only save the planet from environmental damage, but can save you money on your power bill every day. As rising costs of electricity and worsening climate change issues an ever growing inconvenience for people around the world, the importance of economically and environmentally efficient living practices is at an all time high. So, here are seven ways to make your home save energy and money.

7 Ways The Sun Can Save You Energy

1. Photovoltaics 

This is possibly the most obvious solution that pops to mind in terms of harvesting the benefits of the sun to convert to household energy. Solar panel technology is not only an environmentally friendly way to consume electricity, it can also be a lucrative investment. Adding solar panels to your home can add significant value to your property and provide instant financial benefits through government funding incentive programs.

2. Skylights/ Solar light tubes

Taking advantage of natural light is one effective way to cut down on electricity use while the sun is still up. There are many innovative designs and technologies that capture natural light. Skylights and light tubes can be particularly effective in rooms that have little window access and natural light.

3. Awnings and Blinds

Simply having windows in your house can release valuable insulation from your home which will then place more demand on your energy bill. Installing awnings, blinds and other window coverings will make a surprisingly significant difference to the temperature of your home, and the size of your carbon footprint.

4. Plant Deciduous Trees

Deciduous trees are an ideal seasonal solution to temperature control in the home, as they allow sunlight to flow in during winter months and block the sunlight out during summer months. If plant trees near your home’s windows, you will create natural protection from the elements that also increases your home’s carbon neutrality.

5. Use Your Clothes Line

This is the simplest and most affordable way to capitalise on the power of the sun. If you’re lucky enough to live in a sunny climate, then you really have no excuse to be using a clothes dryer at home. Sunlight is a quick and efficient way to dry your clothes, and also eliminates the need to use excess energy.

6. Solar Hot Water

Using a solar water heating system is another great way to lower your energy costs and your carbon footprint. Homes using solar heating systems rather than regular heating methods save between 50 and 80 percent on their electricity bill.

7. Use a Pool Cover

If you’re a pool owner, you will know how much energy is required to maintain one. There are a number of solutions that can reduce the amount of energy consumed by a swimming pool, including solar heating and using a pool cover. Reducing evaporation and temperature changes can save you money in the long run.

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