Striker is a position in soccer whose rule is very crucial which is to help the team to score. This role has many privileges in order to score such as the position which is positioned in the front and also is helped by mostly midfielder to create opportunities. Hence it makes this role to be the hottest role in the soccer match since it has the biggest chance to turn back the game into their team favor.

When it comes to striker, the first name that comes to mind is Cristiano Ronaldo which is basically one of the most talented footballer of all time. This man has everything that a striker needs which are agility, power, skill, stamina, and attitude. Cristiano Ronaldo is not the only name that emerges in the striker business. Name such as Lionel Messi, Neymar, Dzeko, and many others are also famously known for their ability to score. Those names have various skill that differentiate one with the others. For example, Messi has the ability to bypass the opponents easily whereas Dzeko has the ability to deliver a perfect heading. However, they all have a similarity which is the ability to score. In here, we are going to give you some advices about how to become a world class striker hence we can start exploring this advices:

  1. The most essential thing that a striker must have is a scoring instinct. Yes, this instinct is something that can be achieved by training hard and experience where even a striker that has a so so speed of shoot power is able to score if he has the instinct to score. For example, Inzaghi is a striker that has a strong instinct to score though he didn’t possess a decent speed or power.
  1. The second essential thing is body balance. Actually this criteria is for striker that is left alone in the front which is helped by left wing forwarder or right wing forwarder. Strikers such as Gonzalo Higuain or EdinDzeko is a perfect example for this case since they have a dcent body balance which make them able to hold the ball as long as possible.
  1. The third essential thing is accuracy. It is very often that we see strikers miss many chance whilst they are in the front of the goal keeper or other cases. This is because of the lack of accuracy which is a big flop for strikers. Even with powerless shot, a striker is able to score only if he has a good shoot accuracy.
  1. The fourth essential thing is speed. This criteria should be possessed for strikers who have a small body size which makes them tend to have a weak body balance. Speed is able to cover up this weakness since it will make the defender to be unable to make a contact with the striker due to the speed that he possesses in the first place. Strikers such as Hazard, Neymar, or Vardy has this ability in them.

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