How Replacement Inks Can Help You Save Money And Protect The Environment

Before the ink in your printer touches rock bottom, you should refill it for next use. You have two options – either purchase a brand new ink cartridge or use a replacement ink, which is a much cheaper option. The specially designed fluid of a replacement ink is   also easy to use. However, you must go for a reputed brand while choosing the replacement. For example, Videojet replacement inks are widely used all over the world. Be it a small workshop or a complex production environment, Videojet offers inks to support the needs of diverse businesses. The printing giant’s industrial ink line-up includes a range of replacement inks to facilitate different types of case coding for diverse industries. Videojet inks allow you to print crisp characters and high quality bar codes on your product packages to ensure better visibility and authenticity. Moreover, the company performs rigorous performance testing on a consistent basis to record ink and printer compatibility. This means, you can never go wrong with Videojet. Its reliable fluid solutions enable your industrial printers to deliver consistent, uninterrupted performance for your packaging line. The company’s trained technicians will insert the replacement inks into your printers, so that you can enjoy hassle-free printing.  Here are three benefits of using replacement ink:


  • Environmentally Friendly – If you think green, you must opt for replacement inks. Studies show that more than 350 million ink cartridges end up in the US landfills every year. The inkjet cartridges even leaks into the surrounding soil and water bodies, thus polluting the environment. Plus, most of these cartridges are made of non-biodegradable material which would take years to decompose. In fact, according to a report published by the environmental compliance and waste management service provider EnviroSmart, each cartridge takes approximately 1,000 years to biodegrade! When you use replacement ink to refill your printer, you don’t have to throw away your old cartridges. This way you can play your part to save the environment.
  • Economic – New ink cartridges are expensive. Many businesses, especially the small and medium ones want to save money on these extremely important, yet costly items. Replacement inks offer a more cost-effective alternative to a brand new cartridge. In fact, refillable printer fluids are available at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new cartridge. According to industry experts, in the majority of cases, you are expected to achieve a whopping 70 percent saving by deciding to refill your printer tanks instead of purchasing new cartridges. In an industrial setup, where large scale printing is the need of the hour, this savings is quite lucrative.
  • Easy to Refill – Refilling your printer’s tanks with refillable ink is quite easy. It’s a fast and no-mess process that can be completed in two to three easy steps.

Compatibility checking is a must before you use any replacement fluid for your printer. It is not a good idea to use just about any fluid only because they are cost-effective. Pigments in incompatible inks tend to adhere to your printers, eventually clogging the printer’s nozzle-heads. Unsuitable inks do not only affect coding quality and cause distortions in the output; they also may cause irreparable damages to your printer. It is therefore crucial to perform a compatibility checking before you go for a refill. For example, Videojet replacement inks made of high-grade dyes and pigments are suitable for use with Videojet, Willett, Marsh and Wolke branded printers. If you are using any of these printer brands, consult a Videojet representative. A trained rep is the best person to tell you what could be the best inking solution for the printer model you are using.

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