How Oil Field Business Can Go Green

Big and small companies must reflect on how they can protect the environment at any cost. Since most of the successful businesses utilize the environment at one point or another, it is essential that they take care of their resources because once they do not look for ways to prevent Mother Earth from dying, sooner or later, they will wake up with scarce resources and lesser profits. Although the latter will just affect the people behind these companies, what’s more alarming is that there may be nothing left for future generations, and this in its very own sense is a highly threatening situation for poor and rich nations alike.

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With regard to oil and petro-chemical companies, a lot of questions have been raised on whether or not they can find ways to minimize their consumption of non-renewable resources and go green. Well, there is no need to ask this because at this time and day, NOTHING is impossible. Since there are laws created to protect the environment and the number of environmentalists continues to flourish day by day, there is no reason for oil companies to resist the trend of going green.

Invest Money

It is a fact that going green means that oil companies need to invest thousands or millions of dollars to look for renewable sources. It may be a big step, but this investment is worth than a chest full of treasure. Hiring engineers and scientists to work on renewable sources will definitely be an advantage to companies that aim for longevity. Since the number of barrels of oil being drilled on a monthly basis continues to decline, it is essential that companies find a remedy as early as now. Additionally, the government should work hand in hand with these companies for them to be able to come up with a comprehensive plan in looking for an alternative form of energy.

Recycle Oil

Used oil can pose threats to the soil and to waterways once disposed improperly, and this definitely adds up to environmental degradation. Since oil companies certainly have barrels of used oil, they must employ recycling this substance by cleaning it and making the most out of the reusable substances. Through this, they will be able to help not only save the environment, but they can also take advantage of the recycled material and gain profits from it.


Oil companies have the greater tendency to contaminate land and water, and it is best that business owners take a few steps forward in terms of educating themselves and their employees about handling oil products. These trainings should cover all aspects, from the proper usage of oilfield drilling equipment to the disposal of their products. Little it may seem, but seminars and trainings like these will serve as enlightenment for the people and the company as a whole.

More than anyone else, oil companies have the obligation to go green because they are the ones who benefit from the resources. For those who think that oil companies going eco-friendly is a waste of time and money, I hope you’d be able to sleep well.

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