5 Ways Having A Clean Driving Record Benefits You

Being a responsible driver means avoiding driving violations and staying within the boundaries of the law. Having a license to drive does not give a person the right to abuse that privilege. There are several benefits to keeping a clean driving record. Putting it into perspective, you will realize that keeping a perfect driving record will help you in life – now and in the future.

That said, here are five good reasons to maintain that clean driving record:

1. A Clean Driving Record Will Help Keep Your Car Insurance Premiums from Increasing Dramatically

If you have ever received a citation for committing a driving violation, you’ve probably seen your insurance premium increase. Most insurance companies are not forgiving when it comes to traffic tickets and auto accidents. Traffic tickets and violations add up to points on your driving record. Additionally, the motor vehicle department may also hit you with a surcharge upon renewing your license.

When you consider the fines for traffic violations and tickets, coupled with skyrocketing insurance costs, you’ll do your best to avoid this occurrence. Keeping a clean driving record will save you money down the road. It also means you’ll be able to avoid calling a lawyer for bailing you out of these problems. However, if you’re innocent in some accidents, you should get in touch with Bronson Jones & Co to see what settlement you’re entitled too.

2. You May Receive Safe Driver Discounts by Keeping a Clean Driving Record

Not only will you avoid increasing premiums, you may receive discounts for driving safely. Many insurance companies offer rewards for drivers that have no accidents or violations during the covered period. Also, if your policy includes more than one car and driver, additional discounts may be applied for each clean record.

5 Ways Having A Clean Driving Record Benefits You

3. Your Clean Driving Record May Help You Snag That New Job

If you apply for any type of job that requires driving, you must maintain a clean driving record. Points against you and a history of driving offenses will ruin your chances. Most companies that hire drivers require a clean driving record of their employees – with no exceptions.

4. You Need a Clean Driving Record for a Positive Background Check

Whether applying for a job or bank loan, your employer or lender will most likely run a background check. With no history of driving violations, you’ll appear to be a responsible individual. Believe it or not, some lenders have refused loans to individuals with bad driving records.

5. A Clean Driving Record Means You’re Less Likely to be Injured in an Auto Accident

This is conceivably the best reason of all to stay free of driving offenses. Being a safe driver with a clean driving record not only saves you money – it could very well save your life.

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