Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Vinegar is known for its immense healing properties and has been used for many thousands of years. The father of medicine, Hippocrates used vinegar to treat patients. The incredibly-sour tasting liquid is also used as preservatives and seasoning during cooking process. However, we should be aware that not any vinegar could provide great health benefits. The acetate acid produced in factories is far cry from the original substance used by ancient people. In fact, the clear liquid sold in supermarkets has coal tar as one of its raw materials. In this case, we should choose vinegar that provides real benefits. In general, good vinegar should be made from fresh fruits, such as grape and apple. Apple cider vinegar is a common type of vinegar used for its various health benefits.

Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

With apple cider vinegar, we should get the following benefits:

  • Body toxins and artery plaques can be removed
  • We will promote a healthy body and youthful skin
  • Calcium metabolism can be regulated
  • Blood thickness and consistency can be maintained
  • We get balanced pH, increased assimilation and improved digestion.
  • Urine pH will be neutralized
  • It relieves PMS-related discomforts and regulates menstruation
  • Burns can be soothed and acne will be banished
  • Flu, asthma and sinus problems sufferers will breathe more easily.
  • Arthritis can be treated and small gout crystals in joints can be removed.
  • Body weight can be normalized and controlled

For such an affordable product, apple cider vinegar could really provide so many benefits. There are different ways we can choose to use apple cider vinegar.

A common recipe for consuming apple cider vinegar is by mixing 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar, 8 oz. of honey in a glass of water. We should drink this mixture a few times each day. Women who are going through menopause are able to deal with hot flashes when they drink this mixture about 4 times each day. This mixture could also be used to treat people with asthma and despite its acidic property, apple cider vinegar could actually maintain our acid-alkaline balance, especially if we consume plenty of alkalinizing foods. People who want to shed some pounds should be happy to know that they can achieve it by using apple cider vinegar. Our body will be able to get rid of any excess fluids. Our appetite can be curbed and slow metabolism can be boosted.

Health benefits of apple cider vinegar aren’t related only to things inside our body. Many households are using cleaning products that contain plenty of dangerous chemicals with fumes that can be inhaled. A mixture of water and some apple cider vinegar should be a safe and non toxic way to clean glass and windows. We could use micro fiber cloth with apple cider vinegar. The substance could also be used to clean kitchen surfaces, bathroom and floors. We could add some apple cider vinegar to prevent fading in fabrics due to frequent washing. It should also be useful for fabric softener.

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