Few Things People Do Not Know About The Marigold

Flowers add something very special to our lives. They are part of almost every important event in it and are included in every celebration. They can show certain feelings of affection like no other gift or money.

When people are taking good care of the plants, they pay back with their beauty and calm presence.

In the every day life we see flowers everywhere and we think we know things about them just because we meet them very often. However every plant has its specifics and interesting facts about it, famous or not famous to the normal people.

It is always good to learn something new and this article will reveal some interesting facts about the beautiful marigold. It is very mystical flower with very unique and nice fragrance, that can not be mistaken with any other.

Few Things People Do Not Know About The Marigold

The marigold is very popular with another name, which is calendula. With either of these two names it is one of the most famous flowers and if people are asked to name five or six, the marigold will for sure be amongst them.

Today it can often be seen in gardens. It has very interesting and old history. If you have guesses that the mari- part of its name has something to do with the Virgin Mary, then you were right. The reason that it was used for so long and grown for different occasions makes it really hard to say where its origins start from. It is widely spread story that it comes from the southern parts of Europe, but this is just one suggestion. In the present days it is naturalized in almost every part of the world, which can offer mild climate and warm temperatures.

The botany science describes this flower as one of the perennial type. It can reach up to eighty centimeters height and its stem is characterized as erected or sparsely branched. Its original color is bright yellow, even slightly orange. The flower is consisting of two rows of florets and in the wild variant of the marigold they can be even more than two.

The marigold or calendula is successfully spread in almost every part of the world where the temperatures allow its growing.

It add special touch to every garden and what is even better is that it is actually one of the most easy to grow flowers, compared to others. It is ok with almost any type of soils, Like many other flowers it is edible and has its fruits. The edible parts though are the florets. By edible it means not only that they are not poisonous and been eaten by the animals, they are often used as products for cooking. Some ways to use them are to add color to the salad, replace saffron and as garnish.

The ancient people used to believe that it is very good for medical reasons and considered it as herb. Due to its strong and nice color it has also been used as dye for fabrics.

It is very hard to understand why this beautiful flower is given in funerals in Mexico and is symbol of dead in the country. It can be seen in bouquets for many other occasions, but keep in mind that if you are in Mexico it is bad idea to choose this flower for present.

The pharmacology is also interested in this flower, because it has very strong anti-inflammatory characteristics.

The marigold is very wildly used as fragrance and ingredient of baby cosmetic products and hand creams. Its scent is considered to be very calming and nice. Wandsworth residential garden designer services can offer you advice in case you are not completely sure this is the right flower for your garden.

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