Everything You Should Know About Oral Cancer

Mouth or oral cancer is one of the deadliest form of cancer that can affect anyone of any age. Sometimes the symptoms of oropharyngeal cancer resemble that of common cold or other sore throat problems, but when the symptoms don’t go away for days, it is important that you consult your doctor as soon as possible. This head and neck cancer inside the throat cavity can occur mostly on the floor of the tongue, but it can occur on the other parts as well like on the gums, lips, palate, and on the inside of the cheeks.

Everything You Should Know About Oral Cancer

Take a look at these symptoms so that you can understand more about it.

  • Ear pain one major symptom and people generally ignore it for other causes, but the next time you experience this please go and consult your nearest doctor. It is better if it is diagnosed earlier and for that matter the oral cancer treatment cost in India is much cheaper in the country. We are not saying this to give you some kind of solace, but hey we all know why most people run away from cancer screening and that is because they are scared of the costs of the treatment.
  • White or red lesions anywhere inside the mouth can be very dangerous. Sometimes it is just a harmful growth of issue, but it might turn malignant as well.
  • Sore throat or pain in the mouth like it happens in tonsillitis.
  • Pain the lower jaw and problems with eating and chewing foods can be the cause of oral cancer.
  • Voice of the patient might change gradually.
  • Unusual bleeding inside the mouth and feeling numb inside your oral cavity.
  • Development of patches inside your mouth, palate or the floor of the tongue.
  • Another common sign is rapid weight loss without doing any major changes in your routine. This is the most common symptoms of any kinds of cancerous growth in your body.
  • Mouth ulcers.
  • Neck pain.

Now let us see what the causes of this cancer are:

  • Smoking cigar or cigarettes or any other such substance increases the chance of developing oral cancer by a huge percent. It is mainly the smokers who get oral cancer later in their life after being a chain smoker for years.
  • Chewing or snorting tobacco is the main reason for developing oral cancer. It is very dangerous as even if you leave it the chances of developing cancer doesn’t go away, but increases with each and every passing day.
  •  Weak immune system.
  • Human papillomavirus (HPV) that is transmitted sexually is considered to be one of the major case of oral cancer as found in a recent study.
  • Some people have a history of oral cancer in their family and they are at a risk of contracting cancer.
  • Fanconianaemia is a genetic blood condition that increases the chances of developing oral cancer among people.
  • Exposure to sunlight or ultraviolet artificial lights for a longer time can actually cause oral or mouth cancer.

If by chance you notice any symptoms or see your loved ones going through these symptoms, then learn about the cost of oral cancer treatment in India and start the treatment ASAP.

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