Enhance Your Performance With Sports Technology

For sports enthusiasts and fitness freaks there is a new world of wearable technology emerging that appeals to both those that perform at a semi-professional level and for those that simply enjoy keeping fit. The following is a review of some of the great gadgets that are available to not only enhance your performance but to make your daily exercise and sporting activity more fun.

Fitbit Surge

For the fitness and sports enthusiast who trains on a regular basis, the Fitbit Surge is a perfect performance tracker. Complete with a GPS tracker, heart-rate monitor, all day activity tracking and even multi-sport tracking. Wireless syncing makes life easy creating an all-round fitness tool that will meet the needs of any sporty type.

Nike Fuelbank

An extremely intuitive fitness tracker, the new SE edition takes the tracking your fitness to another level. The Nick Fuelbank SE constantly syncs with your iPhone via Bluetooth and a variety of additional functions as well as great design has made this a popular choice amongst stylish sports geeks.

Jawbone UPR

Some say this is the definitive fitness tracker. Stylish design and a wide range of capabilities such as activity and fitness tracker functions as well as heart health monitor. The battery lasts for a week and Jawbone is waterproof so you can go from the gym to the pool without a worry.

Enhance Your Performance With Sports Technology

Golf Gadgets

There are sports specific gadgets that can help improve your technique and game. For golf enthusiasts the Garmin Approach S2 has maps for over 30,000 courses, it can help you estimate the distance to the green and therefore helps make your choice of club more accurate. A pedometer and digital score card add to this useful gadget which will hopefully reduce your handicap.

Golf Sense is a sensor that you clip to your golf glove and connect with your tablet, allowing you to see a 3D rendering of your swing. It lets you see defined detail such as your club posture or twist of wrist so you can make minor alterations to improve your game.

Misfit Shine

Is a waterproof fitness and sleep tracker and one of the most straightforward to use. This well designed device can analyse your movements during exercise and sleep. It recognises multiple sports from running, walking to cycling or swimming, the app can turn data into charts so you can easily see your stats such as steps, calories, distance and type of sport. It also auto syncs via wireless for convenience.

Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless

These wireless headphones have incredible technology within. They can replace your normal headphones but with the additional benefit of becoming your fitness tracker and personal coach. In-ear heart monitoring will analyse how your workout is going and you can even listen to your favourite tracks. Weather proof and shock proof these headphones are built to withstand harsh conditions and intense workouts.

Regardless of your sport these devices can record the information you really need to improve your game. Use them correctly and you can build data that can help you reach your fitness goals and reach the level you desire in your chosen sport. The sleek design of these devices also means that they can be worn any time for any occasion. From work to the gym to the pool as well as while you sleep these little gadgets are powerhouses of data that can make a real difference to your performance.

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