Effective Ways To Market Your Business Offline

With all the talk of social media, blogging and other forms of online marketing, it is easy to think this is where 100 percent of your focus should be. But, offline marketing is far from dead my friend, and if you run a typical brick and mortar business, this type of marketing is just as important. It gives you a chance to directly connect with the community, which is full of your potential customers. Here are just a few powerful tips to get your business noticed.

Cross Promote with Other Businesses

Leveraging the power of others promoting your business is one of the most effective ways to maximize your reach. Consider cross promotions with other businesses in your area who ideally offer services that are complementary to yours. You can each hand out coupons, special offers or whatever deal you concoct to each other’s customers.

Effective Ways To Market Your Business Offline

Advertise Your Business on Your Car

You don’t have to get a logo and contact information painted across the whole side of your vehicle, but you might consider buying car stickers for your business that you can put on your bumper or somewhere else. People notice these things, and it is a great way to publicize your business wherever you happen to be driving that day.


This oldie but goodie is one of the most effective offline marketing techniques, but underutilized by many due to that innate fear many of us have about reaching out to others, talking to others, etc…It can be uncomfortable at times, but incredibly effective. It is also important to keep in mind you must do it on a consistent basis, and get momentum going. You might not get immediate results immediately after one event or reaching out to one particular person. Go to local meetings of business organizations, join your local Chamber of Commerce. Always be on the lookout for people and events that can help advance your business.


Flyers may seem a bit old school in a time where online marketing seems to rule the roost, but they can still be incredibly effective. Don’t underestimate the power of shoving your business right in front of people’s faces through a simple flyer left on the windshield of their car. If your services cater to other businesses, give them a flyer alerting them to your goods or services.

Business Cards

If you don’t have a well-designed business card, you are missing a golden offline marketing opportunity that can net you results long after you hand it out. People have your card now, and can fish it out when they think you may be of service to them, whether it is a week from now or a year. You can print them yourself quite cheaply, or order them online for very reasonable prices. Give some thought to your design though—people are very visual and you want to make the right impression.


One of the best ways to gain customers and keep them coming back is providing something of value to them. You don’t just want to focus on selling all the time, you want to provide information that is of true use to your target market; you want to help them solve a problem, you want to educate them. A newsletter is a great way to do this. This indirect selling tool gives you the opportunity to showcase your knowledge and credibility. If you own a gourmet food store, for example, you might provide recipes or topics of interest to ‘foodies.’

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