DVLA and DVSA Implements 5-year Strategy to Improve Road Safety

Roads play a vital role in day-to-day life of every individual. But, with the rising number of road casualties being reported every year, it is important for the government at both national and state level to ensure maximum safety to its residents. To know the policies implemented by the government so fat, contact the DVLA customer care number 0870 025 0121.

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) together with Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), which is an executive agency of the Department for Transport (DFT) are working on a daily basis to implement certain changes and make the roads of Great Britain safe to walk and drive for all. Their focus is to ensure that the motorists are well-acquainted with the road safety rules and regulations as well as possess the set of required skills to drive on the roads of U.K.

DVLA and DVSA Implements 5-year Strategy to Improve Road Safety

DVSA proudly introduces its 5-year strategy thatenlists the works that it plans to accomplish by 2022, as well as strengthens its national road safety record. This strategy entails the plan of DVSA to assure drivers a lifetime of safe driving as well as the ways it plans to protect all from unsafe drivers and vehicles.


Focus on higher road safety, user experience and value for money.

To ensure road safety, this policy has been split into three parts that include, helping one through a lifetime of safe driving, helping you keep your vehicle safe to drive and protecting you from unsafe drivers and vehicles.

  • Helping one through a lifetime of safe driving

This will be done by offering better access to information that helps the drivers choose the best instructor for their needs, ensuring that they have the skills, knowledge and experience they need to pass their driving test the first time, and that the instructors and trainers provide a high standard of training.

  • Helping you keep your vehicle safe to drive

We will assist you with information about how and when to get the vehicle tested sl as to ensure that it’s safe to drive. To ensure better service from the drivers, we will make sure that they have information to choose where to get their vehicle tested, up-to-date information about when a vehicle needs to be checked and fixed because of a safety recall is more easily accessible, etc.

  • Protecting you from unsafe drivers and vehicles

Working in close sync with the vehicle manufacturers to reduce the number of manufacturing defects from vehicles, we will make sure that vehicles which have safety defects are fixed quickly by manufacturers to reduce the risk to the public, companies meet safety standards than to evade them, and companies who prove they have excellent safety standards will see lower costs and other commercial advantages.

To know more about the strategy and how it will be measures, contact the DVLA customer support number.

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