Drone Scandal Between India- Pakistan

On Wednesday, a drone of India entered the area of Pakistan and that created a huge scandal between this two neighbor countries. The relationship between these two nations is always icy coolest. Though it was hoped that this cold relationship is now starting to be melted, then the drone scandal just spoiled all the situation and these two nations had back with their previous look too. They just forgot that they had made some peace agreement recently to maintain warm relationships among them.

Actually the situation happened that, a drone of the  Indian army, accidentally entered into the area of Pakistan. The Pakistani border army noticed that and destroyed the drone by shooting. They   demanded that the Indian government sent that drone in order to spying for Pakistan and that’s why they destroyed it immediately. After that, without any signal or any other news, the Pakistani army just started to shoot at the border village of India and about four people injured in this incident.  To take revenge, the Indian Border army also shot in Pakistan at an answer of the action of Pakistan.  The Pakistani government demanded that about 4 people died by the random firing of Indian army.

Drone Scandal Between India- Pakistan

By this drone and firing scandal, the relationship of India-Pakistan get worsens than previous.  The home minister of India, Rajnath Singh, called for an immediate meeting with the foreign minister Sushoma Swaraz and defense minister Manahar Parikor to discuss on this topic. They also show interest to discuss with the Pakistani representative to solve this occurring situation. Both of the two nations were not actually prepared like this messy situation, whenever they were about to sort it out this messy condition of their politics. Indian representatives also called for the Pakistani high commissioner of Delhi and share their opinion with him. This all will be covered on primetime emmy 2015 stream.

Though this new topic had been arrived after quite a long time, but it is known to the whole world that the India and Pakistan don’t have any particular good relationship among them. In spite of being the neighbor country, they always found to keep fighting on several matters in the whole time of a year. But recently the prime minister of India, Narendra Modi and the prime minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif had signed an agreement to improve the condition of both these countries. To maintain a friendly relationship, they also decided to visit each other countries as a friendly visit to show the world about their friendliness.

However, it needs to mention that, in the very past, there was a huge subcontinent included by India-Pakistan-Bangladesh.   But in 1947 the India- Pakistan separated and started to get the identity of being an independent nation. And also, the Pakistan divided into nation and in 1971; Bangladesh got the identity of being a separate independent nation. In spite of being separate, the enemy relationship between India- Pakistan didn’t develop so much at all. Though many powerful countries, and the  organization tried their best to solve this situation, but they failed. Click on this link to get more information about this event.

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