Coping With Stress: College

Becoming a college student is a desirable moment for every high school senior. This transition is expected yet stressful and sometimes even too hard to handle. Psychologists state that level of stress highly increases during the first semester of the freshman year. That is why it is vital to understand how to handle the inevitable stress.

There is usually no perfect formula convenient to everyone. This means some people feel better after some physical activity, the others, on the contrary, need to sleep more and spend some days lying in bed. However, all these activities refer to dealing with the consequences of stress –irritation and overall fatigue.

This article offers some tips connected rather not with handling the effect of stress but understanding how to prevent stress itself.

• Monthly Plan

Compared to the high school study load, the one in college is much more complicated and intense. You constantly need to find time among classes and combine your activities: work, leisure, social life, sports and much more.

The first and basic advice is to buy a decent planner. This may sound old-fashioned, especially while a modern phone can cope with memorizing your “to-do list” easier, but still it is a good decision. When you put something down with a pen, the chance to complete this task is eventually higher than if you turn to your phone to make a record. A written planner keeps you organized and helps you recall all past activities and important data.

Put down all your duties and classes, track your money expenses and time spent on different things. When the months ends take some time to analyze this information, set goals for the upcoming four weeks.

• Clear Goals

When you analyze the previous months, quarter or even a year, usually people conclude that they have not done anything worthy and have been overall unsuccessful. To beat this feeling of regret, it is important to set clear goals, make an action plan how to achieve them, and follow these steps one by one.

For instance, if your major goal is to get excellent by June, a goal like “study well” is too unspecific to realize. Put down all the credits you need to receive, papers and essays you need to hand in, and exams you need to pass. If this list appears to be huge and scary, there is nothing bad about asking for help. Today students have plenty of special resources at their disposal, like The team of skillful ghostwriters is always ready to provide assistance with a paper of any complicacy. Such service is not extremely expensive; moreover, it will make your life at college not stressful but memorable.

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