Don’t Neglect Your Customers This Christmas Holiday Season

We all know how hectic the run up to Christmas, and if you are running a business it is even more chaotic as  you have all the logistics of the time off to organise as well as fulfil any orders and make time to enjoy the all-important party.  With everything that is going on it can be very easy to forget those around you, and we don’t just mean the other staff we mean your customers and anybody else you deal with that makes the day to day running of your business go so much smoother.

Ultimately, these people deserve some recognition and it can be hard to strike a balance if you have only ever conversed by email. To make this holiday season run a lot smoother here are a couple of ways of letting those people know how important they are and that you haven’t forgotten them. They aren’t difficult or expensive and the very fact you have put a smile on someone’s face is really what the season of goodwill is all about.

Don't Neglect Your Customers This Christmas Holiday Season


This is dodgy ground at Christmas and it is easy, once again, to go down the mundane route by heading to one of the many websites that specialises in corporate Christmas gifts. Yawn.  With a little time and thought it can be very easy to send your clients a gift they will appreciate as a way of thanking them for all their support during the year.  Gift vouchers may seem impersonal but at the end of the day you have no idea of these people’s likes and dislikes, and that girl with the lactose intolerance will probably feel like crying as she opens her umpteenth box of luxury chocolates.  Chances are these clients are in another town, or maybe in another county. Check out what is available in their area and see if you can get some vouchers gift wrapped and delivered in your name. Make sure there’s enough for everyone however if you deal with several departments.

Christmas ecards for Business

These delightful methods of sending season’s greetings without being over familiar have been around a while now but every year they seem to get better and better. They are also great fun and are guaranteed to put a smile on the recipients face more than any boring corporate printed card ever could. They are 3D, animated, have music if you want it and also allows you to write your own seasonal message.  These are great ways of sending a greeting to a business associate and they will mean a lot to those that receive them. Have a look for yourself at the great range available and as a membership allows you to send as many as you like you can pick different ones for different recipients and guarantee that you won’t be the skinflints being discussed in the canteen for sending the same old boring card with the same old boring message to every department. You’re able to check out some of the different corporate ecards at eCO2 Greetings or Ecard Shack.

So there’s some food for thought ahead of the seasonal period. Marketing to your customers during this period is an opportunity not to be passed on.

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