Does Marijuana Help With Sleep

According to medical marijuana dispensary in Montreal, people suffering from sleep disorders incessantly look for ways on how to somehow relieve this nightmare and some of them resort to different pharmaceutical medications which are prescribed by doctors to treat insomnia. While it is true that many of these sleeping pills work, just like other sorts of synthetic drugs out there, they can also come with some risky adverse effects such as uncontrollable shaking, addiction, headache and dizziness. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why there are increasing numbers of marijuana users to treat their insomnia plus other sleep-related concerns. It is believed that marijuana is a safe alternative for managing sleep disorders.

Does Marijuana Help With Sleep

What is more, when our body feels exhausted, how deeply we fall asleep and when we wake up all of these have something to do with what is called as circadian rhythms. The endocannabinoid system of our body which is referred to as a series of neural passageway stimulators which are almost similar with marijuana compounds- seems to be entwined with this valuable rhythm and from there a neutral endocannabinoid system could highly contribute to a normal sleep cycle.

This simply conveys that an endocannabinoid system that is considered out-of-sync can somehow be regarded as the cause of insomnia or poor sleep. Fortunately, it is not totally hazardous to rebalance the endocannabinoid of the body: this makes it possible to safely introduce new ones through the use of medicinal marijuana.

It is worth noting that people who have used products that contain high CBD for its exceptional recovering or resting effects may be stunned to learn that nearly all researches reveal that CBD is not the most appropriate option if you wish to experience better sleep. There was a study done in rats that disclosed that this non-psychedelic compound causes the reversed effect and that it actually encourages wakefulness. More than that, only one research conducted in the year 1981 that mentioned CBD as a sleep-inducer; such effect was merely experienced by only 2 out of 8 participants.

Keep in mind that whether or not marijuana works as a great sleep inducer for people suffering from insomnia or other sleep disorders, it is vital to consider that if the treatment is halted, they will perhaps observe some disruptions in their sleep for the next few days particularly during the periods when the body is still re-adapting. Essentially, some people may even be pestered by REM dreams which were suppressed previously.

The scientific proof on the sleep-inducing properties of marijuana is a bit intricate; however there is sufficient anecdotal proof that back up its advantages that individuals suffering from sleep disorders or insomnia may still prefer to give it a try.

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