Dermal Filler Training and Botox Courses For Professionals

The Face Academy are a Botox and dermal filler training provider. They say that “As a qualified professional, it’s part of your nature to want to continually learn new skills and techniques. Not only does this keep you stimulated and interested in your chosen career, it gives you the chance to provide new services to patients, and they’ll love you for it”.

Have you considered dermal filler training? Here is the latest on UK filler and Botox courses.

Botox Training

Brits love Botox its official. Wrinkle fillers as they now account for 38% of procedures across the world.  Similarly, these figures are reflected in the UKs figures as 39% of non-surgical treatments carried out are Botox injections.

Botox in Glasgow has been transforming the way we look for many years and the facial aesthetics industry has seen a rise in popularity since the 1990s. Millennials are drawn to cosmetic treatments more than ever before and the industry continues to grow and there is a steady demand for cosmetic services – great news for professionals.

It isn’t just women who are interested in Botox as “brotox” seems to be the latest in men’s health trends. This is great news for medical professionals as the audience for cosmetic treatment is wider than ever before.

As both genders, men and women, seek Botox injection, it means that there has been a growth in Botox courses.

Dermal Filler Training and Botox Courses For Professionals

1 Day Botox Courses

Botox is easy to pick up if you are medically trained, however, it is important that you get your Botox certification before you touch any patients faces. Cosmetics treatments can go wrong if they are not applied with the ultimate care and concentration that is why a doctor, nurse or dentist should always apply it as they have the knowledge and experience in handling this type of equipment.

If you are considering Botox training in Glasgow, then it is advised that you choose a Botulinum Toxin 1 Day Course. This course is perfect for professionals who wish to expand their skills. This course is great for both clinical and aesthetic treatments.

Botox and Filler Courses for Nurses & Professionals

Would you like to do a combined course? The Face Academy provide Botox and dermal filler training courses in London and across the UK. These Botox and filler courses for nurses & professionals give medically trained people the change to expand their skills.

Working in the medical industry is demanding and these will help you progress at a faster rate – which means you will hardly have to take any time away from your day job. If you own your own surgery, then this is the perfect course for you will be able to offer more services with a level 7 Certificate in Injectable for aesthetic medicine. You will be able to attract more people to your clinic, which is great for you and your new patients!

Dermal Filler Training and Botox Courses For Professionals

It is important that you choose a course which meets industry standards. This course was designed to comply with the new Health Education England (HEE) and General Medical Council (GMC) guidelines for aesthetic medicine.

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