Craze Of Micromax Asia Cup T20 Cricket

Cricket has been like a religion in India, people of all ages have great passion for the game and they make it a point to follow every match their country plays. Around the world cricket is a thoroughly recognized sport and for years the game has been evolving and becoming more competitive than ever, earlier test cricket was the official cricket match where players would have unlimited overs to play. The test matches last for 5 days and each team plays two innings once as the batting team and once as the fielding team, today these matches have become quite rare and other variants of the game have grown to become popular like One day International matches which are also known as “ODIs” and another variant called the T20 or Twenty-Twenty.

T20 cricket matches brought a whole new level of competition into the game, ideally the game lasts only for 20 overs and then the batting changes. This has changed the very fundamentals of the game as players need to strategize their moves to make the best out of these twenty overs, there is no time to waste or to play defensive. These type of games usually have high run rates and fast bowlers, they create a lot of excitement among the fans and has grown to become quite popular in the recent years.

There are a number of T20 tournaments held around the world, it has been played between nations as well as in small pools of teams which are elected from various national teams. T20 matches were getting so popular that ICC decided to dedicate a separate world cup for it, the first ICC T20 world cup has held in South Africa in 2007. This has particular considered to be an epic cricket event as India had defeated Pakistan in the finals. Today there are many tournaments played within the country featuring players from various teams like the Indian Premier League, but there is an exclusive event where four of the best national cricket teams of Asia compete for victory.

This event is equally famous and since its between close cricket rivals, it adds to the excitement of the fans. The Asia Cup 2016 T20 is being held for the thirteen time and in Bangladesh for the fifth time, the competition is tough because this event is considered to be quite prestigious and will add to the winning teams glory and confidence for the coming world cup. If you are a cricket fan or even if you are not this event is going to be worth witnessing as Sri Lanka fiercely tries to defend their title, after they defeated Pakistan last year. Don’t miss out on this event which is going to begin on the 24th of February and the finals will be held on the 6th of March. You can even catch this event online as YuppTV is presenting an Exclusive Live telecast of Asia Cup 2016 T20, Register online to get access to Asia Cup 2016 T20 Live Streaming.

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