College Ball: 4 Pieces of Safety Equipment for Student Athletes

College ball is one of the most exhilarating activities a person can do. The rush of adrenaline, of figuring out how to get the ball to the goal, and tackling all build into an invigorating sport. It’s no wonder people get a kick out of it.

However, as fun and fast-paced college ball is, it can be dangerous, especially without the proper equipment. Read on to learn four pieces of safety equipment for student athletes.

Mouth Guards

Almost all sports require the use of a mouth guard. A mouth guard is a protective cover, which is usually made out of a special type of plastic. All athletes should wear mouth guards to protect their dentition from impact injuries. These specific guards are custom-made to fit your jaw. Without proper protection, being tackled can do irreparable damage your teeth and gums.

For instance, if you were tackled and landed face-first on the ground, the mouth guard would absorb most of the impact of the instinctive bite down, leaving your mouth unscathed and teeth intact.


College ball is a sport where a helmet must always be worn. In fact, helmets are perhaps the most important piece of football practice equipment. Head trauma is one of the most common injuries that can happen on a football field. It’s also one of most serious types of injuries an athlete can sustain. Helmets may have a hard exterior, but the inside of them are layered with soft padding to provide your head with comfort.


Some people may underestimate the importance of proper athletic footwear. It may not seem like it, but football fields are extremely slippery, and without the right shoes, accidents are bound to happen. In order to prevent an accident, you need to wear shoes that have cleats. They will help maintain balance by being inserted into the ground, which can help athletes avoid pivot-type and slip injuries.

Safety Guards

Safety guards and padding are what goes over the sports uniform. These are used to prevent injuries to certain areas of the body. These guards go over your shoulders, kneecaps, and elbows. When you play college ball, the first thing you learn is that opponents are in it for the win, so not being properly protected is the last thing you want to do.

College ball, although fun, is a high-risk sport. But with the right safety equipment, your risk of being injured is reduced significantly. Make sure you’re properly equipped before hitting the field.

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