Clen for weight loss is popular. The dosage always varies from person to person and how their body works and adapts to the drug. The dose will be increased in the cycle when a person will be moving forward in the cycle. Men and women can use clen for fat loss. One must use Clen at right doses so that they do not face any side effects.

Clen for beginners and weigh loss

The dosage of Clen for the first time is same for all. Men need to start with 40mcg each day and this will be the perfect dosage to start with the Beta-2 stimulator. Women take it at a dose of 20mcg each day. The best time to take Clen is in morning and one can take it before the workout, because if it is taken late night, it causes sleeping problems. It’s always important to observe how the body is reacting and look for side effects. Once the body is able to tolerate the dose, then one can continue with the same dose. Women have the capacity to respond to Clen so, they must make sure to be careful. When using clen for fat loss and weight loss, its best to use it and follow a diet. One must not exceed the cycle for more than sixteen weeks, so that the person will be safe. Clen cycles can also be stacked with other fat burners like Anavar, Testosterone and Winstrol. Clen cycles must always be started at low doses and then followed by off cycles. Each person has a different result, so they need to try it for themselves and make sure they are following it at safe dose.

Max safe dose

Maximum dose of Clem must be noted to that one would be safe and they maintain it. The maximum clenbu dosage par jour for men is 140mcg each day and for women it is 100mcg, one must never exceed this dosage. If one uses more dose, it leads to shaking and serious side effects. The major side effects can be cardiac and enlargement of Ventricles.

Clen for cutting Cycle

Clen which is a beta-2 receptor workis with subtype receptors in the body and helps in stimulating the nervous system. When Clen is used, body develops tolerance because of the regulation of beta receptors. So, dose must be increased do that the body will not be adapted to drug. So most of them use it in cycle of two weeks on and off, starting with low dosage and then increasing it in the first two weeks and then ending with maximum dose. Then again for the next cycle of two weeks, the dosage is started where it was ended and then they must use it at the same dose through out. Its good to start at 20mcg and then increase it. Doing this way, by the end of the diet one will not reach the maximum dose. The half life is nearly 48hours during cutting. So when a person uses one dose, it stays in their body for two days, and this is the reason one must start at very lose dose, in order to avoid build up of drug in body.


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