Chinook Salmon Fishing – The Private Charter Yacht Way

If you are an avid fisherperson, your fishing adventures might be considered incomplete until you have tried saltwater fishing in Prince Rupert, BC.  Don’t wonder what it would be like to angle for a Coho – book a Thunder 1 Adventures charter and discover for yourself the excitement of Coho fishing and the beauty of the Prince Rupert, BC, area.

The season for salmon in the Prince Rupert area runs from June through September.  The salmon spend the late spring and summer months feeding in preparation to the spawning grounds of British Columbia’s rivers.

First of the season to arrive are the Chinook (King) salmon.  The Chinook salmon is the largest of the Pacific salmon species, native to the North Pacific Ocean and river systems that range from California to Alaska, the Asian rivers of northern Japan, and into the Palyavaam River in Arctic North-East Siberia.

Chinook salmon arrive just as Chinook (“snow eater”) winds blow drier, warmer weather from the northern high plains down the western slopes and across the provinces to the Pacific Ocean.  Generally, this also means that the Chinook salmon arrive in British Columbia in late May and linger in the Price Rupert area through June and July.  During their stay, Chinook feed on herring and reach weights around 40 pounds (although some have been recorded at 70 pounds and more!).

Chinook salmon tend to feed deeper in the Prince Rupert waters.  That’s why the professional saltwater fishing guides of Thunder 1 Adventures can be so valuable to the angler.  They have the experience and knowledge of where the Chinook’s feeding habits and areas.  You can spend more time actually fishing than searching for feeding fish.

Fish from aboard the Thunder 1 where all the gear any angler could need is readily available.  Beverages, snacks, washroom facilities, and a warm cabin are part of the amenities during your fishing expedition.  The Thunder 1 is outfitted to be a welcoming environment for women and senior guests, too.  Land your Chinook and the Thunder 1 crew will dress and bag your catch, and store it in one of Thunder 1’s coolers until you return to Prince Rupert.

Chinook salmon fishing is an amazing and exhilarating challenge.  Why spend any of your time leasing a boat, searching for areas where the Chinook are feeding, catching and cleaning your fish?  Charter Thunder 1 and enjoy a more complete Chinook fishing charter in Prince Rupert.

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