Buying Part-Worn Tyres Safely – Can It Be Done?

One of the questions thrown at the UK’s leading mobile tyre fitting gurus more than any other is that regarding part-worn tyres. Or more specifically, are they a good idea?

If you were to ask a sample group of UK motorists for their opinions on the subject, chances are they’d be split right down the middle. On one side there would be those who swear by part-worn tyres as the best thing to be invested in since the wheel itself, while others argue that there’s really no sense in taking risks just to save a few quid. At any one time, there are millions of cars on the roads with part-worn tyres and the industry is booming, so where does the truth lie?

Buying Part-Worn Tyres Safely – Can It Be Done?

Is it too much of a risk to use part-worn tyres, or does it just make good sense to use the resources we have available?

The Safety Issue

One of the biggest arguments thrown out by critics of part-worn tyres is the fact that there are so many people these days selling tyres that are not fit for purpose. Basically what happens is they take old tyres that are no good for one reason or another, polish them up a bit so they look the part and then sell them on for next to nothing. The buyer gets a cheap tyre, they make a good profit and the only thing that suffers is road safety…for every road user across the board. Suffice to say, in such instances not only is this the kind of risk that no cash saving justifies, but when and where you hit the roads in tyres that are not suitable or safe, it usually ends up being you that’s held liable for the consequences. So yes, you might be saving a little cash right off the bat, but in doing so you’re also running the risk of ending up biting off a hell of a lot more than you can chew.

As such, the prospect of a fully safe, fully guaranteed tyre from a leading brand appears to well and truly justify the costs.

Reputable Dealers

Of course, the counterargument voiced by those who swear by part-worn tyres is the fact that if and when a motorist is daft enough to fall for a dodgy deal, they only have themselves to blame. There really can’t be many out there who aren’t 100% aware of the importance of quality tyres for the sake of overall road safety, which is why those who take risks only have themselves to blame.

How can part-worn tyres be anything but risky? It’s easy really – you just have to make sure you get them from a reputable stockist with a glowing reputation and a great track record. Up and down the UK, there are thousands of dealers who specialise in part-worn tyres and make a living out of repairing, refurbishing and generally reselling tyres of extremely high quality. In fact, it’s not uncommon to find tyres on sale for about 80% less than their standard asking price, despite being in almost brand-new condition.

Of course, all such tyres rarely come with any kind or warranty and the nature of all used goods is such that a lower usable life is pretty much guaranteed. Nevertheless, the prospect of taking home huge savings while still gaining the benefit of a super-safe set of tyres is an appealing one to say the least.

Common Sense Prevails

On the whole therefore, much of the matter comes down to personal opinion but at the same time there’s much to be said for common sense. Roughly translated, it is indeed 100% possible to buy 100% safe part-worn tyres for any car, truck or bike the world over, just as long as you make sure you buy them from a 100% reliable source. This means an established business with a good track record and one that’s willing to give you paperwork with every purchase. And if they’re a licensed supplier of brand new tyres from the world’s biggest brands, even better.

As important as tyres are for road safety, they’re actually incredibly simple to get right. It’s a case of knowing what you’re buying and who you’re buying it from, rather than just assuming that all black rubber rings are the same…of course they are not. And even if your tyres are brand new, you’ll still need to keep constant track of their tread, pressure and general state of health – no tyre is invulnerable to the punishment of everyday use!

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