Is Carbohydrate The Only Obstacle To Blame In Your Weight Loss?

No doubt obesity is the biggest problem in world. About 2/3rd of adults are weighing more than normal. Carbohydrates have shouldered all the blame against your weight loss efforts. However, reality is that a diet with low or high carbohydrate is not alone a factor for weight loss. The actual problem is the type of carbohydrate we choose.

130 grams of carbohydrate is recommended as an absolute minimum amount for normal brain function. In year 2010, the US government recommended that an individual gets around 45 to 65% of their daily energy from carbohydrates. For a 2000 caloric diet, it sums up to 1100 grams, which is right in line with the amount that most of the people eat.

Is Carbohydrate The Only One To Blame As An Obstacle In Your Weight Loss?

People in America are not taking too many carbohydrates, which is a fact not just an opinion, said by Mary Hartley, director, RD, of Nutrition for According to the Data provided by National health and Nutrition Examination Survey exposed that an average carbohydrate intake is around 50% of our daily calories. But the kind of carbohydrate we take is wrong.

Eating Right Carbohydrates Rightly!

We must eat more unprocessed complex carbohydrates like whole grain, vegetables and fruits and less refined carbohydrates like packaged cookies, bread, crackers and cereals. These refined foods are certainly portion of reasons that why people have problems with their weight loss practices. My assumption is that we eat too many sugar and calories. Hartley also add that a maximum limit of 10% of total calories should be from added sugar. On a 2,000 calorie diet it equals to 50 grams and 1 gram of carb is equal to 4 calories. Similarly, a 12 ounce of soda drink is 27 grams of carbohydrates, and is not to mention the added sugar in cereals, syrups, energy bars, yogurt, salad dressing and the like.

While taking wrong type of carbohydrates is part of the problem, it is not the heart of problem that is a stumbling block to your weight loss. “The problem is that we eat too many calories for amount of the activities that burn calories each day, and quality of the calories that we eat is not very good,” reports Dr. Timothy S. Harlan, Medical director, MD of Tulane University Medical Group and author of “Just Tell Me What to Eat.”

To look the other side of the picture, Dr. Timothy adds that people in USA are eating much to promote healthy xtreme fat loss diet, simple and plain. Recently a reliable data puts the average availability of calorie in the USA at around 3700 calories every day. The consideration is that a women and men must take 1,500 and 2,000 calories/day respectively.

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