Calorie Intake

Did you know that eating to meet the general calorie need of 1000 calories for women and 1500 for men can improve the quality life and extend life? When the calorie intake is within limits the parameters of good health i.e., glucose levels, blood pressure, cholesterol can be kept normal and by which a person can live for up to 150 years. You may not be interested in living so long but living well is important. Because of this reason, a lot of focus has been put on diet and calorie management.

Staying Fit

Staying fit and healthy should be the prime intention only then will other parameters like losing weight, gaining weight, gaining lean muscles etc will have weightage. There are a multitude of fitness gizmos that provide fitness programs, fitness tips, fitness training. These fitness centers aim at sculpting a perfectly healthy body and mind from the coarse inputs. This fine tuning requires a lot of dedication on their side and from our side as well.

How Calories Play Role?

Calorie consumption is the essential part of being fit. There are several myths and doubts in public mind that have crumbled the essence of fitness. The secret of fitness is the right food without any hesitation. While we have different types of body, each body requires different fitness training. Based on the metabolic cycle, we have anabolic body, catabolic body and static body.

Excess Calories

Anabolic body is the one in which the person is taking a large amount of calories that the body can actually utilize. This creates a calorie gap that has to be stored in the form of fat. So, people with anabolic body tend to gain weight in a long run. They tend to be overweight or obese in severe states. The person has to concentrate on reducing the body fat and increasing the lean muscle tissue.

Inadequate Calories

The basal metabolic rate in the catabolic body is very high. The person does not allow sufficient amounts calories as per the needs. As a result of which, the body tends to lose weight. This is how people are extremely thin and have no body mass. In progression, the person loses the luster and gloss in skin, hairs and nails. This is a right indication that the body is ill kept and needs attention. In a long run, the person experiences muscle wastage that is too severe.

What Is To Be Fit?

To be fit is not to look like a diva or a hulk. It is to feel energetic, enthusiastic in day to day activities. It is to keep the levels of stamina always high and ready for great challenges. With the fit body you can push yourself to a great extent. It is to improve your endurance and resistance to fatigue. Right food and exercise is what you need to achieve the fitness you expect in you. Being fit is for everyone, may be a child, an adult or an elderly person, it is a pursuit towards a better quality life.

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