After Christmas – Cleaning And Packing

Decoration and cleaning before Christmas creates a lot of enthusiasm in the mind of the family members. But after Christmas, it becomes a constant tussle between them as to who would clean them and pack them away for the year. People are generally tired and become lazy as soon as the task of packing up comes up. Decorating is easy because people are excited, enthusiastic and in the holiday mood. After the holiday is over, people are tired and in the mood for rest, not in the mood to work hard for packing up. But it is a necessary task and needs to be done. So best do it in an easy and effective way. Some easy tricks might make the work enjoyable. Christmas tree and stars is not the only thing used for decoration. Christmas decorations generally include ornaments, decorative lights, tinsel etc. all these need proper packing and care so that they still remain usable for the next year. For some easy tips:

  • The glass ornaments like the balls should be packed in their original packing paper or cases. Since glass is breakable, these ornaments should be packed individually and placed in a carton. They should have proper markings and should be kept out of the way so that anyone would not break them accidently.
  • Normal household stuff and waste can come in handy during the packing time. Cartons and paper cups are useful for packing up small ornaments. These are good organizers and help keeping the ornaments organized and in proper place so that the next time you need it, you would have to turn the house upside down.
  • Unused candles that are packed away gather a lot of dust and by the next year they look ugly and not usable. To avoid this candle should always be wrapped in a clean cloth or tissues so that they will not gather dust.
  • The delicate ornaments should be kept in boxes with cushioning. The boxes can be cushioned using shredded newspaper. This will prevent any damage to them.
  • Ribbons and streamers should be rolled up and secured tightly so that they are not damaged.
  • Lights should be packed in a manner such that they are not tangled and should be kept dust-free.
  • The holiday towels and napkins should be wrapped up tightly and whole cloves so that they don’t smell bad. The boxes in which they are stored should have holes in the bases to let the excessive scent escape. It keeps the towels fresh and good-smelling.

It is very important to choose what to keep and what to discard. Hopelessly tangled fairy lights and torn streamers should be thrown away, however attached you are to them. They are useless and serve no purpose other than increasing the pile of junk in your store-room. It should be kept in mind while packing that the things should be stored in such a way the dust is not accumulated on them and special care should be taken for lights and electronics. Even slight dampness and dust can destroy them. The boxes in which they are stored should be properly marked so that they can be found when the need arises. So follow the tips and Happy Packing!

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