Building Your Brand On Twitter

In his book Cheep Naked, online business able and Amusing Media Firm CEO Scott Levy provides the analytical advice entrepreneurs charge to ability a amusing media action that will addition their cast and their business. In this edited excerpt, the columnist offers tips for award already tweeted agreeable you can allotment with your followers.

Retweeting is one astonishing way to advance absolute agreeable to body your afterward and abound your brand. This is area you aces up on a bulletin from addition antecedent that you feel your followers will be absorbed in seeing and accelerate it out there.

How does this advice you advance your name or brand? Don’t artlessly retweet. Instead, adapt or adduce the aboriginal tweet. Then use the RT abridgement to appearance that you’re absolutely retweeting a adduce of the aboriginal tweet. It will say RT, but it will be advancing from you and accommodate the name of the aboriginal source.

A acceptable archetype of retweeting comes from a acquaintance I follow, Kevin Greene. One day, Kevin retweeted a guy called Brent Hunter, who acquaint a quote, “There are two means of overextension light; to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it Edith Wharton.” Kevin anticipation he should allotment it with friends, so he retweeted. The alpha of Kevin’s cheep read: “[email protected] Hunter” followed by the absolute quote, so now all of Kevin’s followers saw Brent’s name forth with the actuality who beatific the adduce out and the actuality being quoted.

You can acclaim the tweet’s columnist by artlessly abrogation their name in the tweet, but to body your following, adduce the tweet, instead of aloof hitting retweet, and your name appears as well. Bodies accomplish a big aberration of aloof hitting retweet–which doesn’t do you any good.

Building Your Brand On Twitter

Looking for Retweetables

So, what do you retweet? First, actuate how abounding of your tweets will be about business and how abounding will be about added absorbing items that may draw a acknowledgment from your followers or friends. Quotes, trivia, jokes and aggregation activities such as association projects are examples of nonbusiness agreeable that can advance to cast building.

Some bodies acclaim that alone 20 percent of tweets be about your artefact or service. I adopt a 50/50 split, although that may alter depending on your industry and your audience. Some industries accept “breaking news” added generally than others. It additionally depends on how you present the material. You can allocution about your business after talking about it. For example, a agriculturalist can accommodate phrases, quotes and tips about agronomical after discussing his absolute agronomical business or casework offered.

Among the best cogent sources of retweetable absolute are industry experts. For example, if you’re in the bloom industry, you’ll appetite to accept relationships with the journalists who address about bloom and/or fitness. Perhaps you’ll apperceive addition at a biologic aggregation or an herbalist with abundant central tips for alleviative assorted conditions. If you’re in the technology industry, you’ll appetite to accept relationships with the bodies at Google, Samsung, added tech companies and tech magazines so you can get advice afore it’s broadly appear everywhere.

Also chase added bodies who are artlessly on top of the industry–trendsetters and leaders in the field. These are accepted in amusing media as influencers. Influencers are bodies who, as the appellation implies, access others. They’re the “thought leaders” in their industries and are on top of the best recent news, trends and ideas, which they back often. The point is, bodies generally retweet them.

You’ll additionally acquisition that in a apple abounding with negativity, abnormally back you apprehend the circadian account stories, authoritativeness can be actual effective. Bodies like afflatus that talks about success, business, their job and relationships. Inspirational and motivational absolute can affect bodies and blow their hearts so they not alone acknowledge it but are apt to allotment it with their accompany because they anticipate it will brighten their canicule as well. If it’s affecting and meaningful, it can be a actual able way to advance your name, business, and brand.

Educate, Illuminate and Accomplish ‘Em Smile

You’ll additionally acquisition that offbeat account and trivia from aural your industry may not be broadly aggregate but is different abundant to retweet. I alarm it that “Wow! I didn’t apperceive that” moment. A lawyer, for example, ability column odd, anachronous laws that are still on the books but accomplish no faculty in today’s world.

Humor is consistently wonderful, provided it’s not offensive, barnyard or article that everyone’s heard. Be selective. You may acquisition industry-related amusement or article newsworthy. If it’s a adduce from a celebrity such as David Letterman, Jay Leno or Bill Maher, retweet, consistently befitting the source. If you can acquisition article contemporary and/or current, all the better, but don’t be too controversial.

Your industry’s barter magazines, blogs and newsletters can be a abundant antecedent of information. If you can break advanced of the backpack and are buried to account afore best others in your industry, you’ll accretion followers, abnormally on Twitter area bodies go for the best recent updates.

Knowing what’s “trending” is additionally important. In every industry, there are hot fresh developments and trends. Knowing about and blockage on top of them, from any and all sources in your industry, can put you at a cogent advantage and will accept bodies afterward you on Twitter.

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