Bring Sunny Days Back into Childhood with a Basketball Net

Social media and the advent of new technologies at our fingertips have changed our relationship to our world. As adults, we’re information-obsessed, and children are more and more frequently occupied on sunny days with hand-held electronic devices that instantly connect them to the virtual world via games and apps. The days of hearing mothers whistling their kids inside for lunch or dinner from the yard have been replaced with mothers tugging earphones out of children’s ears.

While these technologies do of course teach people different skills and connect us on a totally different level of reality, it seems as though today’s North American society is more disconnected from the every-day than ever before. The Internet seems to have replaced the television as a leading cause of obesity and apathy across the continent. It’s utterly frightening to think that obesity rates for kids and young adults in Canada have almost tripled in the last 30 years. How did we go from building playgrounds and putting up outdoor basketball equipment to buying the latest in electronics and staring, inactive, at a screen?

One of the best things about being a kid is the limitless ability to use one’s imagination to dream up scenarios, characters, and worlds. A swing set can become a fort, a castle, or a spaceship. It’s in that land that you hear kids laughing, see them running around outside with brand-new friends, and learning to value the everyday pleasures of childhood. Swing sets and jungle gyms are not just simple metal structures of a time gone by. Today you can custom-design them with a company like Play Rainbow and keep your child’s preferences in mind to bring home a structure that your family will get the most out of. From slides and tunnel crawls to climbing walls and tire swings, your choices are endless. Accessories for your clubhouse, castle, or swing set are sure to keep children and youth occupied throughout the four seasons, and a height-adjustable basketball net can keep people of all ages active and engaged for years on end.

Safety and supervision are not a problem with Play Rainbow’s diverse and flexible set of products and services: they not only meet the top standard in safety regulations, but will properly deliver, install, and service your play systems and swing sets so that your family is as safe as possible. Remember to peruse teak furniture products so that you can supervise children during outdoor play, if necessary, while sitting on comfortable and long lasting wood chairs that are resistant to weather conditions and rotting. Feel good knowing that these products are environmentally friendly since they are made from lumber that comes from forestlands which have passed third-party inspection for sustainability. You can conveniently browse products from the comfort of your own home at, or visit one of many locations throughout Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia. Bring adventure back into your family’s everyday life with one great step.

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