5 Signs Your Extraction Systems Are About To Give Out Completely

As much as it’s a shame, it’s a fact that no matter how much you spend on a state-of-the-art extraction or ventilation system for the workplace, it will eventually need repairing or replacing. Sadly, the human race still hasn’t managed to nail that elusive secret of building machinery that lasts forever, so in the meantime the reality of fixing and replacing industrial-scale installations is one we’ll have to live with.

However, as far as the experts at www.levtesting.co.uk are concerned, there is at least much than can be done to keep both expenses and disruptions to absolute minimums. As is the case with so many things in life, perhaps the number-one rule of all is to avoid the ‘ignorance is bliss’ way of handing ventilation and extraction health as to do so is to write yourself a guaranteed one-way ticket to huge headaches and even bigger bills.

5 Signs Your Extraction Systems Are About To Give Out Completely

The good news however is that in nine out of ten instances, extraction systems tend to give off one or more completely obvious warning signs that something is wrong. Ignore them at your peril as to do so will cost you, but when and where you pick up on the following and reach out to a leading service provider, you could be eligible for a quick fix that might just save you a fortune:

1 – Temperature Inconsistencies

First of all, it’s all well and good for a workplace to be too hot or cold, but when things seem to be changing quite rapidly or on a rather unpredictable basis, there’s a good chance your extraction systems are to blame. When extractors are unable to work properly, the building tends to heat up enormously. And when extractors are struggling to work and are in any way fluctuating performance-wise from one moment to the next, chances are the ambient temperature will be all over the place. So when and where this is the case, it’s a good idea to call in the pros for a quick once over – it won’t take them long to find out whether there’s a problem.

2 – Excessive Noise

As a business owner, you should by now have a pretty good idea as to the kind of noise your extraction systems make when they are working properly. And the same can be said for pretty much everyone else working in close contact with them, which is why it’s important for everyone to keep their ears open for any changes in the sounds made during operation. More often than not, excessive noise is indicative of a problem on the horizon. However, it’s also often the case that the type of noise being emitted can be a warning sound too – anything from squeaks to rattles to grinding sounds should be investigated immediately.

3 – Unusual Smells

In exactly the same vein as the above point on sounds, every workplace with any kind of machinery in it will always have its own signature fragrance – some of course being more pleasant than others. As such, when and where an extractor or extraction system seems for whatever the reason seems to be emitting a strange smell, chances are it’s trying to tell you something. There could be something stuck in the ducts that’s going rotten, maybe a motor is burning out or a blockage may be preventing the waste air from being removed – all problems that can usually be repaired with ease though could be catastrophic if overlooked long-term.

4 – Energy Use

There will always be a million and one reasons why any given business could face a situation where energy bills suddenly seem to be on the up. However, it’s more than worth taking a look at the extraction systems currently in use by way of their efficiency and state of repair – when and where they’ve been allowed to deteriorate, there’s every chance they could be quite seriously devouring energy day in and day out. Again, this is something a professional service team can investigate.

5 – Workforce Sickness

Last but not least, perhaps the single most worrying of all warning signs with regard to health and general efficiency is that of elevated instances of employee sickness. When and where there’s insufficient clean and fresh air to breathe, it’s inevitable that sickness rates will accelerate and employee health and morale will take a turn for the worse. Suffice to say, allowing things to get this far due to having not given sufficient attention to extraction system health really is an unacceptable way to operate.

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