BESTPTCWEBSITES.COM – A WEBSITE YOU CAN TRUST is a new website that is dedicated on presenting to its visitors the truth about ptc websites, how they really work, what are the best ptc websites available for newcomers to join and how to avoid scam ptc sites.

There is a lot of controversy around this industry and is here to speak out-loud about the benefits as well as the drawbacks of using these kind of websites.


There are many websites out there that promise to provide reliable information and often they present ‘’lists’’ that supposedly have the best ptc websites for newcomers to join.

The reality is that none of them is ethical and honest because these lists are like affiliate farms for newbies. Most people who join this industry are most probably to get scammed at least once by these kinds of web sites. is here to turn around the tide and change things to the best.

If you want an honest list of legit, trusted and paying ptc websites then is the go to place.

The paid to click websites that are on their list are:

  • Paying Their member for Over 7 years old each
  • Have over 500 000 members
  • Get a steady stream of members and advertisers every day.
  • Are Reliable trusted and honest.

I suggest you go and check the website to decide for yourself. You can contact the owner and he will reply to you at once. At least, he’s been replying fast enough for me.

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