Benefits Of Using Anabolic Steroids

Anabolic steroids are safe when used as per doctor’s recommendations. They can be very effective if used properly. Users who have deficiency of testosterone can use these anabolic steroids to achieve normal levels in testosterone. There will be improvement in symptoms after using these steroids and these come with least side effects. But regarding the long term use there is very less information available. So it is better to avoid the long term use of these steroids.

Benefits and Risks:

One who wants to attain goals in gym or playing field can look at other alternatives because these are not meant for long term use. In beginners there may be development of breast in men. Few women have experienced male type baldness, and growth in facial hair. Acne is common side effects for both the gender. Anabolic steroids have negative effects on height in case of adolescent boys. Growth will spurt and they will become shorter. Steroids have the effect on pumping muscles in man. Fertility and sperm count may get plummeted in men and other major side effect is his testicles may get shrink.

Benefits Of Using Anabolic Steroids

 Few people may experience tumors in liver and kidney, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Before even they turn thirty years, athletes may experience strokes and heart attacks by the use of these steroids.

Let’s look at some anabolic steroids and their use.

Here are some of the common street names

•          Dianabol– This anabolic steroid is mainly used for bulking cycles.

•          Deca Durabolin – this steroid comes with both the benefits. It can be utilized in bulking cycles as well as in cutting cycles.

•          Cytomel – it is used mainly for cutting cycles and fat loss.

•          Clomid- it is useful in pct or post cycle therapy.

•          Clenbuterol- this steroid has gained popularity mainly because of its usefulness in cutting, fat burning and weight loss.

•          Anavar- it is effective in cutting and lean gains and this steroid is used by majority of women.

•          Anadrol– this is a oral steroid used for bulking.

•          Equipoise – this steroid is useful as a performance enhancer because it helps in enhancing strength and speed.

•          Wintsrol – this steroid is said to be less toxic compared to other steroids used for the purpose of cutting, gaining size and strength like trenbolone. That is the reason it is the famous steroid of all the time.

•          Trenbolone – this comes with high toxicity but very useful in promoting size and as well as strength.

•          Testosterone – being a male growth hormone helps in promoting muscle mass and strength.

•          Halotestin – this helps in enhancing aggression and strength

•          Insulin – this is mainly used for muscle production, endurance and performance enhancement

•          HGH – human growth hormone helps in building muscle growth and bulking.

•          Lasix – this helps in the reduction of swelling and water retention. It is also effective in trimming.

•          Nolvadex – it is used in pct mainly for reduction of cholesterol. It is very effective in short term maintenance.

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