Basic Tourist Stuffs To Do In Varkala, Kerala

Varkala is located in Kerala, India. It is a place filled with beaches, ancient temples, shopping areas, sightseeing spots and many others. Starting from Janardhana Swamy temple to the Papanasam beach, there are a lot of places to see and millions of things to do. This article will talk in detail about the top things to do in Varkala.

14 Course Meals

The basic Kerala meal has 14 different items. You would be served on a banana leaf and most of the dishes will have the sweet flavour of coconut. This is a meal fit for kings. If you find any local restaurant at Varkala, try this meal. The top items include dal, raita, curry, vegetable dishes, Poppadum, grated vegetables and many others. There are many small cookery workshops and classes that you can take for a change.

14 Course Meals Kerala


It is not easy to find a formal spot for surfing in India. You can enjoy this activity for a couple of hours or if you are new at this, you can get hold of an instructor to teach you. There are many schools that provide certification courses too. No matter how bad you are, try to take the board in the ocean and have a swing. You can rent all equipments that you would need. The Varkala beach is a hub for surfers and you cannot miss this activity.

Varkala Beach

Ayurvedic Massages

If you are visiting in monsoon, you ought to get a Spa and Ayurvedic Massage. There are a lot of sophisticated massage centres in the city. But, it is better to choose an authentic one. There are a lot of massages and each massage has certain medical benefits. There are certain centres where you can practice yoga and also have massages. Massages are available even on the beach, but they might not be authentic.


Boat Ride on Kappil Lake

Kappil Lake is a little away from the town of Varkala. The lake connects to the backwaters and the whole place is a serene beauty. You can enjoy some picturesque places from the top of the bridge. There is no formal boating here but, you can hire small fishing boats or local boats to have a small ride on this lake. A walk along the river amidst the coconut plantation is a romantic activity.


Anjengo fort walk

Anjengo is a lighthouse that was built in 17th century. A walk around the fort built near the lighthouse is an interesting activity. You can also walk along the backwaters from the light house. The history is inscribed on the ceilings of the fort. If you are interested in history, this is an important activity for you.

Anjengo Fort Verkala

Boating through the Varkala tunnel

Boating through the Varkala tunnel is an interesting activity. This tunnel was built in the 19th century and it took 15 years for completion. You can boat through this tunnel in old fashioned oar boats. There are a lot of spots near the tunnel for some picnic. This tunnel is 41 km long.

Varkala Tunnel Boating

Beach and cliff

The Varkala beach is an attraction by itself. Enjoying the beach, having fun with some water sports and walking along the cliff are certain major activities that most of the tourists do. The beach has many mineral springs for you to enjoy. Though it is not a busy beach like others, you can really enjoy your time here. Watching sunset and sunrise from the beach are considered as romantic activities.

Varkala Beach Cliff

A day trip from Varkala

Do not confine yourself inside Varkala. There are a lot of interesting places that are a little away from it. Top places to enjoy are Paravoor backwater which is 12 km away, Sarkara Devi temple in Chirayinkeezhu which is 15 km away and the palace of Kilimanoor which is 30 km away from Varkala. Kollam is an attraction by itself and it is 37 km away from Varkala. The port of Kollam is an important tourist places in Kerala. Meenumutti waterfalls, Attingal palace, Kottarakkara mahadeva temple and many other attractions are just a little away from Varakal. Kovalam beach is 77 km away from Varkala but, it is a completely new vacation spot that you need to enjoy.


Enjoying Arattu festival

If you are visiting in April, you can enjoy Arattu festival where you can see the Kathakali performance. It is the dance of this state and is one of the most graceful and colourful dances of India. If you visit during Onam, you can enjoy the snake boat race, sport activities and many others.

Arattu Festival Kerala

Varkala is a land of entertainment and excitement. There are a lot of activities in this place other than just the beach and the cliff. Enjoy Varkala to the best. The place is at its prime beauty throughout the year, but the tourist season is during monsoon and winter season. It starts from the middle of September and ends by the end of March.

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