Auto Shop Storage: Smart Ways To Increase It

Anyone who has ever worked in an auto shop knows a simple fact: there is never enough storage space. No matter how big your business or shop may be, it always seems as if you could use at least a bit more space. What is more, increasing the space does not necessarily solve the problem; it will only mitigate it for some time. The only way to keep the storage issue under control is to organize it in such a manner that you make the best of what you already have. These smart ways will help you do that.

Auto Shop Storage: Smart Ways To Increase It


Your absolute first step needs to be a thorough decluttering of your entire auto shop space. Everything that is rarely used or not used at all needs to go. Even though it sometimes seems as if there will only be a couple of obsolete things, once you start decluterring you will be amazed by the quantity of stuff that have not been used since who knows when, some of which you probably even forgot you ever had. Also, while doing this initial sweep, do not be sentimental; get rid of everything that is not needed. Lastly, make it a regular activity and you are on the safe route of making the best of your storage space in the future.

Wheel Your Gear

Any respectable auto shop is well equipped with every available tool and different machinery, large or small ones equally. Keeping small items in order is both time and space saving and tool boxes and wall storage are easy to install and organize. However, it is heavy machinery that causes the biggest problems. Heavy stuff stays in the way used or not since they are hard to move. That is until you put them on the wheels. By doing this you will be able to roll them in when needed, otherwise keep them stored and out of the way, clearing both your working and storage space at the same time.

Auto Shop Storage: Smart Ways To Increase It

Vertical Storage

All responsible mechanics keep their tools in perfect order. By doing this they know where everything is and do not lose time or energy finding them. Vertical storage proved to be the most convenient way of saving space and it is no wonder that the walls, floor to ceiling, are favorite storage places for tools and small to medium heavy items regularly used. When it comes to universal storage options, that include larger things, like heavy tools and bulky car parts as well, Dexion NZ highly adjustable pallet racking proved to be the best solution, both in terms of convenience and increase of storage space since they are about using a volume of the space rather than its surface.

A Perfect Workbench

Although not directly related to storage, a well-kept and functionally organized workbench provides additional storage space. There are various ways of organizing workbench space and it does not really matter which you use as long as you stick to them at all times. Above all, make sure you clean the area after your work day is over and put your tools to their designated places. Not only will all frequently used tools and accessories always be at hand, they will be properly stored and will not (ab)use free space.

Increasing storage in a smart way is all about organization, making the most of what you already have and being on top of things at all times. And, making all of these activities a regular, routine activity will not only improve your storage capacity but your entire business in general.

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