Are You Planning To Buy A Pre-loved Luxury Car?

If you are planning to buy a premium car, but do not have the money to foot the bill, then there is hope for you. If you have a steady income and are credit worthy, then the finance market has ample number of ways for you using which you can become the master of a premium car without paying the hefty amount at one go rather easy monthly installment.

Among these is the option of buying certified second hand cars. Purchasing certified second hand premium cars by world class manufacturers like BMW, Audi, Land Rover, etc. from an authorized dealer at a fraction of price, thoroughly checked by the experienced engineers, is now as easy as buying a piece of cloth. This allows you to own a pre-loved luxury car with complete peace of mind, since its quality is guaranteed by thorough checking and testing.

What points one should remember in buying Second Hand Certified Cars

1). First and foremost is to fix your budget for buying the premium car of your dream and then make a thorough research of that model in the physical market as well as online and try to find out the total ownership cost of buying the second hand certified car and whether that amount fits your budget.

2). Only opt for certified cars from reputable dealers. There are many dubious dealers who will promise you the sky at the time of selling the car, but lack in their after sales service. Similarly, reputed companies have a lot to lose if their goodwill is adversely affected in the market, therefore the buyer should only opt for automakers having a very good reputation in the market.

3). Make up your mind for the car you want to buy (hatchback, sedan, convertible or SUV) and then do some research to find out the best deal in the market before making the final choice.

4). Look at the invoice price of the car you wish to purchase and see how much discount you are getting on buying a second hand car, and whether the discount is good enough or not. Always keep other options in hand to make the bargaining more profitable for you.

5). Always try to choose those cars which have good resale value. Look for those models that are more popular in the market and whose depreciation value is not high. In case, you find a deal for the car falling in the warranty period, go for it without a second thought.

6). Get some advice on the maintenance cost of the chosen car, for second hand car is more prone to give you problem as the time go by, so it is better to be prepared for that eventuality.

7). Always try to negotiate a better deal for yourself by checking the websites of different dealers to get the best discount on the product as well as look out for the after sale reputation of the dealer before closing the deal.

8). Do a thorough test drive of the selected model and if you are not an expert in cars, we advise you to take someone with you who knows about cars and ask him/her for advice.

9). Always keep a close eye on all the paperwork of the car to see if they are proper and in order.

10). Several financial companies also give loans to buy second hand cars at low interest rates, and if you want to avail the loan, you should take the necessary documents with you at the time of purchase.

Buying a premium car is everybody’s dream. If you make due diligence, then you will own a car that will not only give you pleasure & comfort while driving, but also improve your standing among the peers. If on the other hand, you rush through the deal and buy a defective product, the same car will cause you immense headache. So ‘caution and through checking’ is the mantra while buying a pre-loved certified premium car.

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