Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Education

As it is evident today, online technology is getting applicable to almost every aspect of human life and its application in education is of no exception. Today, there are numerous educational organizations striving to make their presence online and transforming their learning programs to e-Learning domains. There are about three million students who are part of full online degree program and approximately six million others enrolled in one or more online courses. We can admit that undoubtedly, online learning becomes a popular alternative for higher education.

Everything has an up and downside, online learning is not any different. Online education in many cases can be advantageous but on the other side poses challenges for the learners too. This article aims to enlighten you about the major pros and cons for this latter-day educational platform.


1. Cheap: Net Costs are Low

Costs associated to getting education is certainly the biggest concern for many students. Institutions that offer online degree programs are typically cheaper than traditional brick-and-mortar Institutions. With online learning, you can bypass the costs related to commute, purchasing of the study material, or renting an apartment near the institution. Online learning starts only with a device, internet connection and you are good to go.

2. Flexible: Scheduling is in your Hands

Online learning makes students literally autonomous, you can make a schedule that meets your individual needs. Whether early morning or late night, students can study when they are at their peak energy. Course material can be accessed at anytime and you are able to start and complete the targets at any time that works for you. All of this makes online learning a good option for students who need to balance their work and family commitments.

3. Convenient and Comfortable: Learning with so Much Ease

You are not bound to attend physical class sessions for hours sitting on an uncomfortable chair. You do not have to get up early or dress up yourself for the class or need transport to get to the institution. In online learning, all you do is to present yourself in class virtually. Here, you are able to easily access lectures and take classes and exams from the comfort of your home. It’s an advantage that traditional educational system can never beat.

4. Career Advancement: There is no Study-Career Tradeoff

One of the biggest advantages of seeking education online is that you can complete your academic qualification alongside doing your jobs, doing businesses, or raising a family. This way you get a good opportunity to “hit two birds with one stone”. If only you schedule your online classes properly, you would be able to enjoy work-study balance. Moreover, if you decide to take extra course online in your field of expertise you can advance your career prospects.


1. Requires Self Discipline: The Freedom has a Cost

In traditional education scenario, students usually get a set of rules and guidelines that they are bound to follow which gives them a sense of purpose and discipline.  In case of pursuing education online, students are completely on their own, this freedom can harm their focus.  If you can’t manage your time well and unable to balance life and study time, you are likely to fail. You must be disciplined enough to not to procrastinate to pursue education online.

2. Isolation: There is you, Alone

One of the significant pitfalls of getting yourself enrolled in online course(s) is that you experience isolation. The fact that you study alone and the only companion you have with you is your computer that could be terrifying. You do not interact with your tutor or students, which can lead to feelings of isolation. These are partied from where flame of competition lights up and is a source of motivation for you to work harder. Lack of having face-to-face interaction with teachers and peers is biggest concern for many students to not to consider online education.

3. No Direct Interaction with Tutor: Your Tutor is Far from you

Online learning incorporates a monolog rather than a dialog form of learning. This is a vital concern because we cannot overlook the importance of direct interaction between a student and teacher. In face-to-face learning, the teacher is able to monitor you and make sure you stay focused. Plus, by maintaining a direct contact, tutors can spur the interest of students and keep their focus vibrant.  Any queries that you have during course of learning can better be answered in direct conversion and cheap reliable essay writing service. None of this is possible in online education.

4. Chance of Accreditation: It might not Even have a Value for you

There is the existence of lots of scams, which pretend to be offering courses but they are indeed not licensed. Due to this, at times in job interviews, they go about scrutinizing online degrees and also the institutions where they come from before someone is considered for a vacancy. One drawback of learning online is the challenge for you to determine if the institution is accredited cheap reliable essay writing service.


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